I Want My ATM

Yesterday, it was frigid outside and I had to take my eldest daughter to school. This is no easy task, as we have two other passengers along for the ride. My middle daughter is two, and going through that thing they do. My baby boy is 9 months old, bless him, he is the easiest by far. How things have changed. I was a nervous wreck when I had my first baby. I didn’t even leave the house for the first 3 months.

Okay, so I’ll go into the details of our morning routine in a separate post. Did I already mention that it is no fun and games at my house in the morning. In no particular order, diaper changes, lunch bag, snack bag, eat breakfast, brush teeth, coat on, etc.) Since we were all in the car already (phew) I wanted to find the nearsest Bank of America drive-thru ATM and both deposit and withdrawl cash. There is a CHASE drive-thru near my home, however, that costs me 3.00 each visit. Making deposits there is not an option. Since I wanted to accomplish this task without shlepping my kids in and out of stores (they’ve been fighting off cold and cough). So, I looked on the back of the card and called the bank. After a brief holding pattern, I was connected to an extremely nice gentlemen. I had informed him of my quest to be able to both withdrawl and deposit money from the bank. I even told him that I would drive as far as Brooklyn to do it…I just wanted to get it done. He was very sweet, but the first few options he had suggested I had already tried. They were not drive-thru, first problem. Furthermore, they were not parking friendly. In fact, parking around those paticular locations almost landed me a trip to the pound. Note to self, always read all the signs (especially you New Yorkers out there), you may have not noticed the NO PARKING FROM 4-7 WEEKDAYS.This happened to me because I was so happy about the ultimate parking location. There is a catch, don’t get fooled. In fact, both of these ATM locations have that challenge. I’ve had to drive around for 45 minutes just to try and park (Queens Boulevard and 71rs and Continental). So, I continued to speak with this friendly customer service representative (about 30 minutes already). During the conversation, I was so alsearching my GPS to see what banks/atms were nearby. To sum it up, he didn’t have any answers for me and passed me on to another customer service rep. Another very sweet person from Louisville. Another 30 minutes and she had no answer for me. As a fellow mother, she felt my pain.

In the end, the customer service rep. was just as suprised as I not to find an drive-thru ATM for Bank of America. However, she did offer to credit back 2.00 of the 3.00 I was charged everytime I used the drive-thru ATM at CHASE last month. Okay, that’s 22.00. That’s two hours a babysitter charges just so I can get out by myself (probably to make that deposit, I’d rather get a manicure). Yet, I have no choice at the moment, and those moments are few and far between.

Even though Bank of America claims that there are at least 16,000 ATMs, and within that number they “even have drive-thru ATMs”, I’m not convinced. Neither are the customer service reps. that I spoke with for a total of an hour the other day (maybe they’ll reimburse for that as well).

Have you been in this prediciment before? What did you do about it? Post your comments and reference this article.


2 thoughts on “I Want My ATM

  1. I have soooo been there. I feel your pain.

    I’ve gotten my toddler twins diapered and dressed and socked and shoed and fed, packed a diaper bag with snacks and sippy cups and diapers and wipes and my wallet, cell phone, and keys, oh yeah and I have to get dressed too— coats on, out the door into the car….the bank is only ever just ONE stop– I would never JUST go to the bank—- THANK GOODNESS I have a drive through ATM right near me— however….. on a day it was POURING RAIN and I REALLY NEEDED to deposit money, the ATM WAS BROKEN. Ack…… so I take my toddler twins out of the carseats into the stroller, into the bank (ever try to get a double stroller through a bank door?)….. *sigh*….. and they don’t mind being inside, but then when we go right back out again they scream because they think we’re DONE with the walking around in the rain.

    You’re not alone with 2 or more toddlers/babies having to get errands accomplished! You go girl! 🙂

  2. I need to update this story as I did find a drive thru, about 20 minutes from my house. Maybe Bank of America will refund my gas to get to their drive thru.

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