Bedtime Battles

How do you get your children to bed? Are you on your own or is your husband home from work (and already fed) and ready to get in there and help? If your husband is not home from work during bedtime, do you have a reliable babysitter? Looking for your bedtime routine, or is it a battle? I want to know the good and the “bed”.


2 thoughts on “Bedtime Battles

  1. I am religious about putting my kids to bed, in particular the younger one. I generally put both my kids to bed around the same time every day with a routine they know and expect.

    It has worked well for me! They are both good sleepers. They’re healthier and smarter for it too! Now if could do the same for myself…

    Check out some of my posts and books about this subject here.


  2. My husband had really taken charge of getting my daughter to go to bed. He’s been doing a great job. If it’s late, he reads to her while she is lying in bed.

    She used to stay up way too late, as my boys are much older, and the house gets exciting at 9 pm. We have to tell the boys to be quiet at that time and not talk to her. We really need to start bedtime at 8 pm (though sometimes we are still eating supper…life gets crazy).

    When we do have a babysitter, bedtime goes much better, because we give the babysitter strict times. And the babysitter listens! (unlike me, I get distracted and tired and unfocused and she tests me more).

    We also keep a bottle of water in her room. She used to want juice at night, and I gave her a strict “no”. It was a battle for a bit.

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