Date Night

Introducing, For Th First Time, Mr. and Mrs.
Introducing, For Th First Time, Mr. and Mrs.

Just because we are married, doesn’t mean that we couldn’t use a good “Date Night” once and awhile. Okay, there is the babysitter issue. If you can get one on a Saturday night, that is a big score. Even if your regular babysitter is booked up on a Saturday night, you can have a date night any night of the week. Even if you and your husband are exhausted and just want to sit on the couch, don’t do it. Designate one night a week, or every two weeks, and get out of the house together. Even if it is a coffee at Starbucks or grabbing a bunch of books and sitting together at Barnes & Noble, this is time for just the two of you.

I have a couple of friends that have date night and they couldn’t be happier about it. One couple takes a foriegn language class together, followed by dinner. Another couple attends a lecture on parenting and goes for dessert. The ideas are plenty, the results are better than good.

Jill Schafer Boehme, Author of My Lima Beans Are Allergic to My Spoon
Editor of MOMMY! The Internet Lifeline for At-home Moms (a free Ezine) is a big Date Night Fan:

Do you have a date with your spouse set up this week? Go for it.


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