Epidemic of Bronchiolitis hits home, do you know the facts?

Our ten month old son started to have some cold like systems this past Sunday. By Monday afternoon, he was wheezing, feverish, and absolutely miserable. Not only is the afternoon the hardest part of our day (dinner, baths, bed, clean-up, nightime routine, are done by me, myself, and I) because DH is working on a major project. When you add illness to the mix, the probability of a mommy meltdown is high. Especially with a ten month old wheezing and flaring his nostrils with a fever. Unfortunately and fortunately, we’ve been down this road before (our daughters also had bronchiolitis at this age) and we own our very own nebulizer, woo hoo. We also have a hefty supply of Albuterol. I wasn’t able to reach DH (later found out that the ringer was turned off) so I decided to use the nebulizer on DS. Underwhelmed by the results (he was still breathing fast) as soon as DH walked in the door I handed him the baby, diaper bag, and directions to Schneiders Childrens Hospital URGICENTER. My DH called with one bar left on his cell and informed me that a Doctor had evaulated DS and gave him several nebulizer treatments. I was a nervous wreck, to say the least. I was home alone with the girls (this is why people chose to live near their families) and waited for more information. Thankfully, I was able to reach my sister and certified super mom. Having been there and done that already, she helped put things in perspective and calmed me down. I eventually fell asleep and awoke to my DH and DS crawling in to bed. His rapid breathing was not gone, but he was at home with us. I can’t explain in words the tremendous sense of gratitude I had inside. I held on to DS so tight that morning, and every day since.

If you have a child 2 years of age or younger, keep an eye out for the symptoms that could lead to Bronchiolitis, such as a runny nose, cough, and fever, followed by shortness of breath and/or breathing that is rapid and labored with wheezing. Call your pediatrician, immediately.

For more detailed information on Bronchiolitis,


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