Late Bloomers

Do you remember your 20s and early 30s? What were your priorities and why? From personal experience, I can remember them quite well, and my thoughts were miles away from marriage and family.

Why is it that some of us get married in our 20s and others in our mid-late 30s? This is a very loaded question, no doubt. There are multiple factors to consider, and every situation is different. The first factor I’d like to focus on is the “blockage factor”. No, it’s not something you’d call the plumber to fix, you have to fix it yourself. For example, staying in a relationship that you knew was wrong and wouldn’t lead to the Chuppah or wedding canopy. You just couldn’t let go. He/she was your best friend, boss, trainer, and or psychiatrist (hope not) You were just too in love to let go (so you cried and complained to your friends consistently). This is classic blockage, as it┬áprohibits the right kind of partner from entering your life. Why should they? If all your energy is focused on the wrong person, why should you receive the right one?

I truly believe that there is a higher power involved in finding our soulmates. We have to do the physical and mental work in order to free ourselves from the wrong person. Until we can do that, our ability to receive our soulmate is blocked. Think about it. If you were out on a date and found out that he/she was still pining over their ex, you would lose interest and move on. Right? Even if you aren’t verbal about this, there is a certain air that keeps your soulmate away. This is easier said than done, but very important. We have to physically and mentally make room for our soulmate to enter our lives. I know from personal experience. Once I focused on the possibility of meeting my soulmate, the blockage cleared and there he was. Secretly communicating and dating somebody while trying to meet your soulmate, not cool.

If you are in a relationship that you shouldn’t be, in other words, you complain more than you’d like to, it’s time to break free and let your true soulmate find you. Do you know somebody in this situation? How have you helped them? I’d love to hear it.


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