No Spend Zone

Do you have a really good strategy for saving money without sacrificing your sanity? We all have to cut corners these days to provide for our families. Today, I turned down an invitation from my husband to order dinner instead of make it at home. Having just spent one week in Florida, and one of those days at Disney in Orlando, the mist is still sizzling where the money just burnt a sizable hole through our fanny packs.  Not to mention a few unexpected purchases that included 4 ponchos at $7 a pop ’cause it started raining, $2 bags of potato chips, and $2 bottles of water. I’m so glad we packed a lunch, nevertheless, the kids were tempted by all the stores and products withing their reach, literally. Since we already gave at the office with the daily parking rate plus entrance fees, we weren’t about to spend additional dinero on plush Disney characters. We loved the entire Disney experience, and our budget restraints kept us in check.

How have you modified your budget?


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