My 15 Megabytes of Fame

Last Friday around 11:30 a.m. I was driving in my car with my two younger children listening to The Joan Hamburg Show, WOR NewsTalk Radio 710. Even though I was outnumbered by the children, they were napping and I had full reign of the radio. I wasn’t jamming out to Cold Play or The Specials, I was tuned into Joan Hamburg. Being a pop culture and random fact connoisseur, Joan Hamburg meets these needs of mine exceptionally well. She has interviewed hundreds of very well known actors, writers, directors, and reporters. For example, Mel Brooks served as a corporal in the US army in North Africa during World War II. Who knew? And  Alec Baldwin attended George Washington University, Washington, D.C. (majored in political science), New York University, New York, New York (majored in drama; BA, 1993). Impressive. The day I called in, Friday, February 6, Joan Hamburg was discussing our anxiety provoking economy and the massive numbers of people losing their jobs. Because things are so volatile, we’ve decided to cut a lot of our expenses in anticipation of the worst.  Good thing, as our grocery bill has doubled.  We’ve also cut back on babysitters, dining out, and unnecessary wants and needs (that iphone request is on hold).  Welcome to the no spend zone, a place where mommy bloggers share the wealth. I’m not talking dollars, but sense. That’s right, mommy bloggers from London to Las Vegas have tweeted everything from daily diaper discounts to endless contests to win necessary consumer products and/or gift cards. Some of my favorites include Money Saving Mom, Walmart Eleven Moms  , The Domestic Diva , and Frugal and Kosher . Go us!!!

So, I called into the show that day and the voice on the other end answered. OMG!! The butterflies went wild.  In an effort to avoid sounding like a complete bloginner (which I am),  I wrote down the areas I wanted to discuss while on hold. 1. Twitter 2.Tweets about saving money. 3. Mommy bloggers. 4. MyBlog 5. Bissdom’09 (Yes, I had pulled the car over at this point).   The segue to my twitter mention was a story about the popular weight loss challenge  The Biggest Loser. It seems as though some twitter users tweet what they’re eating while the the very overweight people of the show sweat it out at the gym. I put in a good word for fellow twitterers in the blogosphere. Let’s hear it for the “sweet tweets” of fellow mommy bloggers.

I had my 15 Megabytes of Fame (about 14 minutes into the show) and was heard by up to 800,000  listeners. I also sent the podcast of this show out on twitter and facebook. It just feels so incredibly good to share positive news, whether it is via 20th century channels of communication, or the 21st century of social communications.



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