Sipping Coffee While Kids Play @ Mamalu Cafe

A Day at Mamalu

A Day at Mamalu

Today was a very busy day at our house and it started yesterday. My DH has had more than enough work on his plate and requested (pleaded, begged, you get the picture) that I take the kids (3 kids, 4 and under) out by myself. I thought it’s the middle of winter, what am I supposed to do with them? BTW, 11 month old sounded congested with some clear mucus coming out of his nose (TMI), he got out of going with us. These days, he’s the easiest one of the bunch (poo, poo, poo) as my two year old is on an emotional roller coaster ride with those terrible twos. My four year old is going through a severe case of selective hearing syndrome. Exactly, she doesn’t listen to me unless I threaten to take her Dora DVD away.  Thankfully, DH helped me get the girls ready to go out, the rest was up to me.

Where to go? Museums were closed, too cold to go outside, Queens mall play area, way too scary, and everybody else having a family day. So, I called my hipster friend in Williamsburg and begged her to do something with me and my girls (she’s really awesome with kids, especially mine). Score, she was around today and said that she would accompany me and the kids, somewhere. Like a baby wipe to a messy, chocolate face, I had clarity. I googled “baby friendly cafes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn” and found just what the doctor ordered, a cup at Mamalu. I quickly scanned their website for important words and phrases like “800 square feet of pure play space allows little ones to run around freely and safely.”  They have a cafe and organic foods prepared to order. Sweet. I immediately called my friend and we plugged the curious address into the GPS (love that thing).

Without any missed turns, we arrived at Mamalu and it was love at first site! The airy loft was full of hipster parents, babysitters, and grandparents. The food selection was impressive, and the coffee aroma full and enticing. The 800 square feet of squishy floor and scattered squishy large objects shouted “kid friendly”. Within seconds, my kids took off their shoes and ran to join the inviting crowd of parents and toddlers. Smiles and giggles filled the room as parents conversed with their friends, worked on laptops (Wi-fi and free) or twittered from their iPhones.

You can dad away from the computer, not the computer from the dad

You can take dad away from the computer, not the computer from the dad

Parents are required to be in the play area with their children.  My friend and I enjoyed the dynamics and socialization of both the kids and adults.

The front of the cafe has tables and chairs in adult and child sizes. The healthy selection of food was enjoyed by the entire family. My friend had a cheese sandwich that she loved. The refrigerator/freezer case is full of certified organic, kid friendly foods such as Dr. Praeger’s Fishies , Horizon Organic Milk, and much more. We actually snacked on Snikiddy Organic Grilled Cheese Puffs today, so crunchy and crispy. We sipped our coffee in between playing with the kids, it was a blast. organic-baby-food-and-chroline-free-diapers1

If  your baby needs a diaper, they do sell Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers and wipes, although a bit on the pricey side. Even if you didn’t run out of diapers,  bathroom and changing table are clean. They even have a potty training seat and stool for your toddlers in the early stages of potty training. 

So, the next time you’re looking for something to do with your kids on a Monday, make it a day at Mamalu. A place where a kid can be a kid, and an adult can be an adult, and a kid at heart.  037


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