Slobber Proof Cell Phone, Anyone?

I went into Verizon Wireless store today because my cell phone has not been behaving. This was no easy task, as I had 11 month old and 2 year old with me. Sure, I had the InSTEP Safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller In Rose/Khaki  but Ms. I can do it myself 2 year old refused to go in the stroller. By the way, I really love this stroller, however, it does not fit through standard 32″ doorway. You have to jiggle and jimmy it to get in the stores, so sad. Some people just love to see a mom sweat it out.

The location of this store is on a very busy street.   Cars and parking ticket police are always hovering around occupied parking spots.  I know that they have a job to do, but why I had to receive a parking ticket before I had a chance to place the parking receipt in the driver side window, I just don’t understand.  I was furious, schlepping the kids out of the car, running to get a muni rec, putting money in and schlepping back to the car. I couldn’t have been any faster, believe me. The ticket said that it was no big deal, just write a little, plead guilty and send in the receipt. Write a note? I didn’t even have the time to write notes to people I care about, now this?

So, back to the Verizon Wireless store and my cell phone. I must add that the customer service people were very friendly.  Both my kids were crying and the animal cookies I had stashed in my purse wasn’t helping. One of the employees allowed my 2 year old to watch Nickelodeon (thankfully Dora The Explorer was on at the time) on a display phone. This cut short her tantrum position (both her head and body down on the floor).  I couldn’t even imagine the foot traffic that place has had. I am a major germ freak, and these tantrums have been happening everywhere (doctors office, hotel lobbies, airport floors, gross).  This too shall pass.

With all of that said, my current cell phone had been slobbered and chewed and the battery now corroded. Sorry, DH, the phone was fun while it lasted (all of 6 months). It seems like I’m the perfect candidate for a slobber proof and teething safe cell phone, anyone know of one? like-mother-like-daughter1


One thought on “Slobber Proof Cell Phone, Anyone?

  1. I found your blog on twitter. I’ve read some very interesting posts here. Very entertaining! You’re a good writer. I wish you all the best with your blog and with your family. Congratulations on entering the wonderful world of Mommy!

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