Why Twitter Makes Me Feel 20+ Years Younger

A couple of weeks ago, my husband looked over at me enthusiastically typing away on our computer and commented on my status, “is always on the computer these days”. He did this via facebook, as he was on his computer at the same time.  It was the funniest thing, I felt just like I did over 20+ years ago when my father often said, “you’ve been on the phone all night, enough already”.

Fast Forward 20+ years. Now I’m a primetime parent (married later) with 3 children, 4 and under. Today my phone conversations are taken over by background noises (crying, fighting, babbling) distracting both me and the caller. This winter I have spent more time in the pediatricans office than I have on the phone. Runny noses and coughs have kept me home from playgroup, baby boogie it down, and birthday parities. Adult interaction, I need you! 

I was very big into email a few years ago until a better, faster, fancier model named Facebook arrived on the scene.  Finally, a one stop shop where I could chat, view and listen to my friends all at the same time. Friends from  Elementary schoo, college and friends met while studying in Israel Former employees, distant cousins, and immediate family members (c’mon mom, you’re next). If felt so good to have an outlet, and the effects were noticeable. I joined the mommy blogosphere and went viral with it!  

Since I was already on Facebook, I could share my new found love (DH, you’re still numero uno) with other stay at home moms in cyberspace. Wait, there’s more. I’m now tweeting it up on Twitter and feeling 20+ years younger mentally. Twitter is a lot like high school and if you felt this way when you first signed up, you’re not alone. I was so interested in what other Twitterettes had tweeted about this.  I searched for the topic “cliques” in Tweetdeck. Just yesterday @aulia wrote “I feel as if Twitter is high school, complete with the cliques, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the geeks, nerds, losers, and other stereotypes”.  @javajive responded “if twitter is indeed equal to high schl cliques, I wonder what I’d be? Was the smart preppy jock before. Maybe things have changed!?”.  Change, or lack of it. Maybe that’s what is causing all of this reignited insecurity in the Twitterverse.

Since “google it” is my answer to almost everything these days, I thought I’d take my own advice and “googled” cliques. The more I read about it, the same theme kept resurfacing. This comment on cafemom.com summed up that point perfectly, “It’s hard to say… I kinda revolted against the “in-clique”, and yet we were ALL friends. There were only 83 in my class and most of us had known eachother since kindergarten, so were pretty close. I was friends with pot heads and partiers and nerds and jocks and princesses and hicks… pretty much everybody!
And yet, I often felt like kind of a loner too. Weird now, looking back. I’m still that way… except I actually have very few friends now as an adult, that I actually see and talk to. I’m a family gal. ”

It is great that today’s social networking tools can connect us to both old and new people that could potentially benefit from our new businesses and ideas. It has made us more vulnerable to spam and those phishing for trouble. What we can’t stop, our ant viral software can. However, if  we continue to block, reject, ignore, and not follow the new kid on the blog, we’re not as seamless as we think. In a recent post by @bcarlos   , he commented on Being a Bridge , and I agree.  Everyone knows at least one bridge– the type of person who transcends a group of friends and a group of non-friends and happily co-exists in either group.  If  somebody you don’t know friends you on Facebook, or follows you on Twitter, take it as a compliment and respond. Look at their profiles. They could be that extra digit or link that you’ve been waiting for.


One thought on “Why Twitter Makes Me Feel 20+ Years Younger

  1. You are SO RIGHT! Every time that little Twitteroo chirps I have to look to see what everyone is talking about. Reminds me of sitting at home doing my homework and listening to the local radio station to see who was dedicating what song to who. Finally something to make me feel younger – YEA!

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