Traveling And A Tale of Two Tantrums

We recently took a family vacation to Florida and it was the best cure for the winter blahs. Just a week before our departure, my 2 yr. old daughter and 11 month old son had raging ear infections. The 11 month old also had bronchiolitis and was on a  every three hours. My husband spent the night with him in the ER while I was at home biting my fingernails off. Thankfully, the aggressive treatments with the nebulizer got us the “go ahead” from the doc and we were ready to join the snowbirds.

Traveling by plane with 3 children, 3 and under, must be done with plans and back up plans in place. I found some great tips on delicious baby . For our family, we had a carry on bag with extra clothing for accidental spills and spit-ups, snack bags for before, during and after the flight, bottles with formula, sippy cups, juice boxes, wipes, extra diapers, and toilet seat covers. Let’s not forget blankies, pacifiers, and chew toys. Once we had double checked our bags at home, we were on our way to the airport.

Since we had a 7:00 am flight, the kids were still sound asleep when we woke them up at 5:30 am.  Once we arrived at departure area, we scouted out a sky cap and checked our car seats and suitcases.  Have some extra dollar bills on hand, he’ll be your wing man until you hit security.

Ah, yes, security. This is when all our plans started to falter. Our 2 year old decided to engage in a full blown tantrum while we were in line.  We tried everything to calm her down, but she was arching her back and screeching loudly. All eyes were on me. It was as if I was an accident on the side of the road causing rubber necking and gappers delays.  I had to let her cry it out, but Mr. business guy behind me was so not happy. He couldn’t have made his sentiments more obvious.

It was finally our turn to take off shoes and put our belongings on the conveyor belt. Any items that my kids were holding were pried away from their little hands. Once again, the screaming and crying filled the room,  especially when blankie had to go on the conveyor belt. My 3 year old was inconsolable. People kept glaring at us with both pity and annoyance.

Many tears later, we were finally on our way to the gate when we heard our name brodcast through the entire terminal. The plane was waiting for us. We were the absolute last people boarding the plane. Our 2 yr. old insisted on walking. I had to take her into my arms, kicking and screaming, and sprint to the gate. A 40+ mom running through the terminal carrying a 32 lb. reluctant child is quite a spectacle.

We were finally on the plane, bumping all the passengers with our bags (sorry guys) as we found our seats. Even the sweet smiles of our kids couldn’t amuse the passengers or flight crew. Oh, we’ve only just begun.

Yes, we were the loud family and in your space for the next couple of hours (on time arrival, please). And, yes, my 2 yr. old put her head down on the floor of the airplane and screamed and cried for most of the flight. The only thing that relieved her encore performance was when I spontaneously grabbed a barf bag (unused) from the seat pocket in front of me and made it into a puppet. She actually laughed and engaged in the activity, phew!!! She really liked when the paper puppet grabbed her nose (I know, you can’t picture this) and pretended to eat it. I also added silly voices and sound affects because it worked!!

 Two tantrums and many miles later, our flight landed on time. Thank you, jetBlue . But, what do you do when your 2 yr. old has a tantrum on an airplane, doctors office, or DisneyWorld?  I must add that when my 2 yr. old had a tantrum on the ferry ride to the Magic Kingdom, a very nice mother told me to go to the Baby Care Center . Thank you for the suggestion, my 2 yr. old mellowed out and got her second wind.  What a small world it is after all. 

How Do You Spell Relief?

How Do You Spell Relief?

How do you cope with your toddlers tantrum in public? Leave me a comment, follow me on twitter, and link my site to your site. You could be the next winner of a $25 gift card.


One thought on “Traveling And A Tale of Two Tantrums

  1. First of all, I just discovered your blog – I, too, am 40 something with a two year old and an almost 11 month old…don’t have a third unless hubby counts or my two dogs…just happy to have discovered you because I can relate on several levels and have only read three posts. 🙂 The fact we just had double ear infections and nebulizer resonated as well.

    Toddler’s public tantrums…well, I usually pick her up and leave wherever we are…she has a habit of self imposed timeouts which then make it hard to actually correct her…but I find it charming that she actually grasps her own need to regain control.

    We have only had one truly horrific, incredibly angry “wet noodle” tantrum (knock wood) in a very public place…the others have all been for my benefit at home or at my MIL’s which I actually found mildly amusing since MIL brings that side out in me as well.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts and adventures…thank you for sharing! Cheers, Chase

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