20 Habits Of A Highly Addicted Mommy Blogger

 Due to an unseemingly long stretch of fevers and colds shared exclusively between my 2 yr. old and 11 month old, we’ve been in quarantine most of this winter. Before we got hit with the sick-wave, we had a very busy schedule. We were attending playgroup, boogieing it down at Baby Boogie, meeting up with friends at New York Hall of Science Preschool Place,  and sampling it up at Costco (coffee and muffins for free every morning).


For the first time since I’ve been a stay at home mom, I was fine with staying in with my kids. Not because I don’t like being with people, but because I’ve started my own outlet and you’re reading it right now. This winter (and 2 flu shots later, go figure) I’ve been at home blogging it up so much that I even started to converse with my friends and family “tweet speak”.  I  see @ before their names and # whenever we discuss a specific issue like, #potty training or #recipes.  The content exchanged amongst us moms in playgroups and music classes are what the sponsors need to know.  We are the eyes, ears, and noses (FYI, there are some really stinky bathrooms out there) of shopping, carpooling, cooking, and caring for our kids. I immediately grabbed my notepad and pen for future posts. Wouldn’t you like to be a blogher, too? You know who you are, especially if you’ve been exhibiting some of the following 20 signs of a mommy bloginner. You know what they say, “Birds of a Feather Blog Together”.


1.       When you get together with other mommy friends for playgroup, you spend the entire time speaking about other mommy friends you’ve never met at playgroup

2.       While cutting coupons out of the Sunday paper, you separate  a pile  of potential “tweets” for your next frugal post

3.       When you shop at Costco , you forget to buy most of your items ‘cause your too busy looking at what other mommies are buying

4.       Your husband can only get your attention if he updates he status on Facebook

5.       You are always signed on to Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, while googling and blogging

6.       Your Tweetdeck columns search results include mommy bloggers, Chris Brogan, Blogher, and contest to win nursing covers and iPhones

7.       You’re new favorite radio station is blogtalkradio.com and your favorite category, social media

8.       You’ve burnt dinner so many times that your family has developed a new taste for “burnt to a crisp”

9.       Your clean laundry sits unfolded in the basket until needed

10.    You don’t mind staying home when the weather is horrible because you can spend that time on your blog

11.    The blockbuster online videos you received over a month ago have remained un-opened

12.    The great pictures and videos from your recent vacation are staged with a potential post to your blog in mind

13.    Your toddler has an accident (number 2) in her tights and you just throw it all in the trash (definitely not frugal)

14.    Your clothes are not as tight as they were before you started blogging (it’s hard to eat chocolate and type without making a huge mess)

15.    You consider a girls night out a #gno on Tweetdeck

16.    Your cell phone’s mailbox is always full and friends have to track you down on Facebook

17.      The 6 month baby boy outfit you were supposed to send out to a friend will no longer fit the baby because the  baby is now 12 months

18.    You have lost track of all the username and passwords you have out in the blogosphere

19.    You have no idea how many fruit roll ups your kids have consumed in the last hour

20.    And, drum roll please, your kids summer clothes are still in their drawers from last summer


4 thoughts on “20 Habits Of A Highly Addicted Mommy Blogger

  1. Oh, man, you’ve said a mouthful. I’ve just gotten started on this blogadventure, and I’m already doing all of those things!

  2. Well, my six-year-old has just peed in a teapot while I was reading this, after being tipped off on twitter. So I totally relate!

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