Old School Is The New Cool

Five year’s ago I was cleaning out my “memory box” from my parents basement (believe me, they’d been asking me to do this for the last 15 years, it was time) and I was immersed in various items from my past. My mom saved everything, thanks mom. From my Birth Announcements, Bat Mitzvah invitations and gift cards, graduation cards from high school and college, and my favorite stuffed toy, Humpty Dumpty. I know, not your typical little girl doll, but that was the one for me. This poor doll had been through so much, and the threads are still there to prove it. I loved that Humpty Dumpty toy so much, and every time it was misplaced in a laundry basket or my brother’s sock drawer, I was a mess.

Humpty Dumpty Old

Humpty Dumpty Old

I wouldn’t stop asking for it until, miraculously, it would show up on my pillow at night. It’s amazing how one, simple, Humpty Dumpty could mean so much. 

Now my children play with Humpty Dumpty and it brings the past and present together beautifully.  Today, companies are bringing back “old school” toys, which is actually a very good thing. In an article posted today in the Wall Street Journal, this has become a very popular trend. Companies like Zizzle have avoided reaching into their pockets to produce a new and exciting doll for girls. Instead, they have reached into the attic and brought out a doll from 1989, PJ Sparkles.   Not only are companies benefiting from this trend, sites like  inthe80s.com have been filling up with positive comments very happy moms like this one, posted the following, on February 14, 2009– “My 4 year old daughter started telling me that she wanted a PJ Sparkle and I had no idea how she even knew about them. Then on Nick there she was. I am excited that they are re- releasing toys of the 80’s like PJ and My Little Pony it really helps moms like me relate to what their kids are into. Lord knows I know nothing about Xbox or Guitar Hero!!” PJ Sparkles has also become part of something that was not around 20 years ago,  Facebook. Yes, even PJ Sparkles has a Fan Page.

Did you have a favorite doll? Which one of the following dolls was your favorite in 1989? Let me know.


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