Frugal Fun With Contests and Giveaways

One of the best parts of being a mommy blogger is that there are so many ways to win free things. I just entered a contest and I hope I win (fingers crossed). Even if i don’t, I was introduced to a fellow mommy blogger, katydidandkid, and all her links to green products and other green mommy bloggers.

This winter we have been unable to participate in a lot of our daily activities. I had a couple of days last month when all 3 of my kids were sick with everything imaginable. The two year old had the runs, the baby had bronchitis, and my then 3 year old had a stomach virus and vomited everywhere but the toilet. Since we were home so much, our toys were used and abused (with noses like faucets, no toy is safe).  Runny noses, little hands, and slobbering on toys became a spectator sport for me those days. I am a total germphob and I rinsed out the toys with bleach and water once the mucus had left the building. Yes, this can clean the toys, but what was it doing to my hands and lungs? I was inhaling these toxins, I needed something safe for my entire family. If I only would have known about  dappleBaby toy spray and dappleBaby toy wipes , I would have had a mommy clean, green, germ fighting routine. Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray

Dapple Toy Cleaning WipesHere is what you can find in dapplebaby toy wipes:  purified water, baking soda, cleaners derived from fruits, tree oils and glucose, French lavender essential oil, essential oil dispersant, alcohol (less than 2%), preservative derived from natural amino acid, biodegradable fabric.

To learn  more about dapplebaby, you should go to katydidandkid because Dapple is kindly giving away  {{{{A set of travel-sized dish detergent and package of toy wipes!}}}} Just follow the contest directions at katydidankid right now.


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