Public Display of Appreciation in NYC

We’re all familiar with the term Public Display of Affection (PDA) and you can find it everywhere and anywhere. I am a big fan of couples holding hands and sitting together. And what about the cute, old couple holding hands walking through the park, love it.How Sweet It Is

There is another type of PDA and mommy bloggers from New York City will be doing it this Tuesday, March, 10. Let’s get together and show our Public Display of Appreciation as a few of our own will be on the @TodayShow that morning, @emom and @jerseymomma will be in the house as well. @eMom has posted the details on her blog,  

If you can’t make it out of the house on Tuesday morning, I just found out that there are several other moms being featured on the Monday installment of the Digital Moms series, Alli from AlwaysAlli, Shannon from CouponPrincess, and Melissa the ConsumerQueen will be there, and Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parentingis getting her vlog featured as well. Congrats to these fine mommies too! 

Join me and other mommy bloggers as we stand outside the studio and tweet it up, this will be so much fun. Make a big sign with your @twitter name and hold it up.  Wear your mommy blogger buttons and hats. I plan to be there with all 3 kids both Monday and Tuesday, bright and early. I’ll be wearing and ergo and pushing a double stroller, @primetimeparent.


2 thoughts on “Public Display of Appreciation in NYC

  1. Great post..looking forward to the show, and I put a bit of your post on my site and a link..thanks

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