Go, DigiMom Go!


Go, DigiMom Go











Will, we did it! My 4 year old daughter and I admired the beautiful moonlight as we waited, and waited, for a car service to take us to The Today Show in time to get prime real estate at Rockefeller Center. And we waited for that car until the company told me that the driver was lost (first day on the job) and that he’d be there any minute. Finally, much later than I had planned, we were on our way, so I thought. When I told him where I wanted to go he put the address in the GPS. What? He made a call and then pulled over so we could get in another car service. Okay, so that’s never happened to me before, but my daughter and I (really it was just me) were on a mission to display some PDA (Public Display of Affection) for fellow mommy bloggers @eMom, Wendy Piersall, Sparkplugging Founder & CEO and Melissa Garcia, Consumerqueen.com @Consumerqueen. Thankfully, this driver knew where he was going and we jumped out and ran to grab a front row spot. We had our signs ready. I had 3 all together. One that read “Happy Birthday To Milo (my nephews)”, “Go Digi Moms”, and “Primetimeparent”.

It was only 7:00 a.m. and my daughter was ready to leave. This can’t be happening, and yes it was. I had to think of something to make her happy and fast. I asked her to color in one of the posters (phew) and that worked for about five minutes. I told her I would hold her, and that worked when Al Roker came out. It’s amazing how these people they look so different in person (he’s much shorter than I thought). He walked by and actually acknowledge us, but he cameras were not on at the time. At 8:00, the entire crew came out but I was standing in the wrong place (you win some, you lose some). My daughter, definitely not a fan of cold air, was starting to cry and beg to go into the store  behind us (DEAN & DELUCA) to get chocolate donut. The child in the window mesmerized by her very own chocolate donut was the reason behind this craving. I had no choice, as her crying and tears were getting louder and louder as each minute passed, but to take her into DEAN & DELUCA. There were two very sweet moms sitting at the window and they saw a “mother in distress”, an expression only a mom in the same situation could read. Thank you, ladies. They offered my daughter a seat and engaged in conversation while I ran in front to get my poster on camera. That’s when I heard them announce, coming up next, our new segment on digital moms. My heart sank. Was I going to miss my chance to hold up my sign? The people standing where I had been standing handed me my signs. The segment was just about to start. I held my sign up high (Go Digi Moms). At this point, I was not in the area where standing was allowed so I kept walking to the left, to the right, looking at my daughter sitting with our new mom friend, again and again. I felt like a monkey in a cage waiting for the banana to drop.

As I ran back into the store to give my daughter a hug, cameras were panning the crowd exactly where I had been standing. Meredith was walking and saying hi to everybody in the audience. I ran back out and held up my sign. Did she see it? Is she looking at me? I’ll never know.

So, it was approaching the 9:00 hour and Al, Matt, Meredith and Ann were standing outside with a roaring crowd behind them. I wasn’t in that crowd, I was with my daughter in store. We were warm, together, and we had fun trying to get on camera.

Here I am, 8 hours later, back at my laptop blogging away. If you saw my sign in the crowd, please comment below. I would have had more sucess if my daughter was not with me. I have a strick rule about making promises. I promised the night before that her we’d have some mommy and me time together the next day. In the following paragraph from Familyeducation.com, Carleton Kendrick posted the following about making promises to our kids:

 “Kids take you at your word (your promise) until they know your word doesn’t mean anything. There are just so many broken promises a kid can take before they stop believing you care. Parents don’t tend to see any relationship between all those “little unavoidable” broken promises and their children’s lack of trust in them. They should.

I just couldn’t break that promise, something, and I mean what I say. Even if my sign was not seen, I will always have the photo of my daughter and I with our sign in the crowd.  Now, that’s something to cheer about every day.


2 thoughts on “Go, DigiMom Go!

  1. Good for you for trying! I did see the DigiMoms segment, but I after that I was in and out of the room. So no, I didn’t see your sign but that doesn’t mean it was on!

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