Spring It On: Sane Fitness and Sane Fitness Preggers Giveaway

Are You Pregnant? Looks Can Be DeceivingWhat happens when people still ask if you know what you’re having and (they don’t mean for lunch) you gave birth over a year ago? If you are pregnant, how do you keep off the first trimester fifteen and avoid another lecture on weight gain from your OB/GYN?

There is a solution. You don’t have to go out at get a gym membership (definitely not in this economy) or eat cabbage soup for an entire week (I’d tell you why but that’s TMI).  What you need is the SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck.  This is the perfect portable fitness trainer. The deck features six weeks worth of full body workouts on easy-to-follow portable cards (and the pictures are great). The SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck also includes a cardio plan outlining 20 minutes of cardio that’ll target the areas where you want to trim down…just in time for spring.  You’ll look better and you’ll feel better. Plus, this year, Sane Fitness recently released a Sane Fitness Preggers QuickStart Deck

Trainer In A Box






My previous attempts to incorporate fitness and a healthy diet into my busy lifestyle (3 kids, 4 and under, getting out of the house takes 30 minutes) have never been achieved.  According to the National Eating Disorder Information Center 70% of women are currently dieting and 40% are continually gaining and losing weight. You should see how many different size clothing I have in my closet! It has been proven that healthy eating and exercise adds energy and efficiency to your life.  You can actually get more done in a given day and feel physically better at the same time.  With all the demands of the workplace and your home life, Sane Fitness can put some much needed sanity into your daily routine.  SANE FITNESS introduces – a fitness trainer in a box! The SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck is a card set that offers a steady-as-you-go, reasonable way to incorporate regular exercise and good eating into your jam-packed days.  The QuickStart Deck is the perfect travel item for those business trips and vacations!   Sane Fitness was created for the woman-on-the-go who wants to stay feeling fabulous all day long and into the evening as well! 

 SANE FITNESSTM QuickStart Deck: Portable Fitness Trainer
The SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck is the perfect portable fitness trainer. Take it with you on those business trips and revive yourself.  The deck features six week’s worth of full body workouts on easy-to-follow portable cards.  Each week the SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck offers a different combination of weight training and stretching exercises to increase one’s fitness level. When on-the-go, users can take one week’s worth of workouts with them to help them stay on track with their fitness routine.  The SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck also includes a cardio plan outlining 20 minutes of cardio before your weight lifting. SANE FITNESS makes it easy to take less than one hour out of your day to get a great workout each and every time. Beverley Caen has developed a three-part plan for success while traveling by incorporating the SANE FITNESS workout into your busy schedule. The following are Beverley’s tips for staying fit on the fly:



SANE FITNESS was not invented by a diet guru who preaches endless hours in the gym and a diet consisting of no sugar, no carbohydrates and basically…no fun!  Instead, Sane Fitness was invented by Beverley Caen— a wife, mother and business woman– for women just like her, who never seems to have enough hours in the day to focus on themselves.  Beverley Caen is the perfect example of an overextended working mother and wife who has found a way to make fitness and healthy eating a part of her everyday life. With a little help from fitness expert John Cruz, this Wall Street career woman and mother of three, developed an exercise program that could fit into any busy woman’s schedule. 



 About SANE FITNESS Preggers 
Once you are given the ok by your own obstetrician to exercise, Sane Fitness Preggers is a complete program that begins in your 2nd trimester– the stage in your pregnancy when your body starts to really change. SANE FITNESS The Preggers Deck contains 24 weeks of full-body workouts that you can do at the gym or at home with minimal equipment. The card set is enough to get you through your entire pregnancy.  The contents of the box include 72 cards, an instructional brochure and a ring with a stylish lanyard, for conveniently transporting the card set around town. 

I Have One (1) Sane Fitness QuickStart Deck and One (1) Sane Fitness Preggers Deck To Giveaway


I have arranged for two of my readers to get either the Sane Fitness QuickStart Deck or the Sane Fitness Preggers!  If you’d like either one fo these, here’s what you need to do:


Leave a comment on this entry. 

Check out the Sane Ftiness website (QuickStart Decks linked above) and tell me which of these Sane Fitness QuickStart Decks would be most helpful for you and why!


This gives you one additional entry:


1. Twitter about this contest. Please leave me your username so I can verify. Or use something like this:


RT @primetimeparent  is giving away Sane Fitness QuickStart Decks!


You have until March 28, 11:59 am


Spring It On!!


2 thoughts on “Spring It On: Sane Fitness and Sane Fitness Preggers Giveaway

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I met Beverly at a blogging event here outside Philly. I would love to win a set of her cards. She sent me a pdf of the next level cards but I would love to get the whole package on hard cards – the QuickStart version.

    Thanks for this contest! I’ll tweet it.

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