A Road Trip With Roscoe Orman, How?

Hey, Didn't I See You On Sesame Street?

Hey, Didn't I See You On Sesame Street?

A couple of weeks ago, Role Mommy invited local (New York) mommy bloggers to have lunch with Gordon from Sesame Street sponsored by Audible Kids. I was probably one of the first moms to reply via email with a definite YES!  Besides, this would be especially exciting for my 2 yr. old daughter.  Gordon,  and other Sesame Street Actors have made her potty training experience more fun (check out Elmo Potty Time on DVD).  When my daughter and I arrived at Serendipity, a very hip and happening place,  we met other phenomommy bloggers and Brian Fitzgerald , the team behind AudibleKids!
elmos-potty-timeI couldn’t believe I was siting at the same table as Sesame Street’s legendary father for 34 years. He is just as warm and friendly in person as he is on TV. His voice brings me back in time, like when I faked being sick so I could stay home from school to watch Sesame Street (this really happened). Not only is he a real, down to earth person, he is also the creator and Chief  Storyteller of AudibleKids.com.  When he first started on Sesame Street 34 years ago, listening  to books was putting a record on a turntable or with an 8-Track cassette player in the car. I remember listening to Free To Be You And Me on a very basic record player in my room, over and over. I can still remember the lyrics to most of the songs, “Free To Be You And Me”, “It’s All Right To Cry”, “Parents Are People”, “Sisters And Brothers”, and “When We Grow Up”. What I would have done to have a copy of this to listen to in the car, especially on those  long road trips to our cousins in Rockford, Illinois.  Better yet, the schlep to Grinnel, Iowa, to see my big brother in college.

Today, kids have more than enough media on them. Roscoe Orman and Brian Fitzgerald asked us how we (the mommy bloggers) felt about the amount of time kids spend each day with their iPods, computers, TV and other media (more than they do in the classroom). These kids are also reading substantially less than children did a generation ago. Personally, my kids could sit in front of Nickjr. all day (I am done with just one episode of Dora). I’ve got 2 words for you, just read. If you don’t have the time to read, download some classics from Audiblekids.com. Did you know that reading just 20 minutes a dayencourages listening and language skills, and gives children a strong reading foundation. With audiblekids, you can shuffle audiblekids as much as you want. Imagine how much more fun the annual schlep to Uncle Joey’s house for Passover would be with Roscoe Orman’s voice piping through the car speakers. Change of plans, the big family reunion was just re-located to your house and the kids are on spring break. Download some stories from Audiblekids for them to listen to on the computer. Everybody wins.

 A special shout out to Beth from rolemommy.com for giving us mommy bloggers the opportunity to share our own ideas, thoughts, and questions with Roscoe and Brian. Beth, you put the rock in rolemommy.com. I learned so much about how parents and their children just might turn iPods into learning tools. Great meeting fellow mommy bloggers (if I didn’t meet you, it’s because I was in the potty with my 2 yr. old). Blogger love out to @JenSinger, @babiesgottahaveit, @rolemommy, @chefdruck, @madijack and @greenbaby_nyc!  If you don’t already follow these phenomamamas on Twitter and Facebook, you should join the caravan today.  


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