Mother's Day Giveaway – Schlep Tote Bag From PopJudaica.Com


Thanks for all the comments. The winner is Yonit!

Wondering what to get your mom, bubbie, aunt, or sister-in-law for Mother’s Day this year?  You’ve clicked on the right blog.

I’m giving away an adorable Schlep Tote Bag  from Perfect for when they come over to your home to babysit the kinderlach so you and hubby can go out on a date. There is enough room for unread mail, comfy shoes, reading glasses, and newspapers. Also, they can fill it up their groceries or library books (that reminds me, where is that library book that was due).

So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do for a chance to win The Schlep Tote Bag is tell me what is your favorite Yiddish  expression. What? You can’t think of any, here  are some that will help you. If you’re on twitter, be a mensch and help spread the word by tweeting out the giveaway.

Winner will be announced this Friday, May 1.


21 thoughts on “Mother's Day Giveaway – Schlep Tote Bag From PopJudaica.Com

  1. my gramma used to say “es mach mir shiffel” when she didnt like something. i learned later in life that it means “it gives me diarrhea”

  2. my other grandmother used to say “nechtigen tug” = it will never happen. i love that.

  3. My fave expression is….oy ve, simply because it’s the only one that I know. 🙂 But I loved your product, the Obamica Yamica. And I will try to remember “mensch” b/c I love that one too!

  4. Zol vaksen tzibbelis fun pipek! – Onions should grow from your bellybutton

    I’ve never used it, I’ve never heard it, but it is too too hysterical! 🙂 I wish I could remember to use it, hehe.

  5. Oy vey. I am kvelling over that bag. LOVE it! What Yiddish expression DON’T I love?! But Meshuggem is often uttered here. 🙂

  6. This is hard because there are some really great ones!

    I think my current fav is “klutzy” b/c my 2 yo says it and it is so cute!!! He loves the book “Klutzy Boy” (by Anne-Marie Beila Asner) and it is adorable to hear him try to say all the Yiddishisms.

  7. Cute idea! When I was a kid my father used to tell my brother and me that we were “hakn a tshaynik” (“hitting a teakettle,” in other words being annoying) whenever we were acting up. I understood that it meant we should stop bugging him, but always wondered what “you’re hocking me to China” had to do with getting us to shut up.

  8. Growing up, we heard a lot of Yiddish from my father, who grew up in a Jewish neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I remember him yelling upstairs to us three girls, “Mach shnel!” when we were in danger of being late. Or, “You’re driving me meshuggenah!” when we were being our usual infuriating selves.

    But my favorite Yiddish word was a compliment from my long-time landlord. He always called my husband and me haimish. I loved that!

    – Julia at Midwest Moms

  9. When I was little, my mom loved to call me a “meshuggenah.” And not say in it a way like, “stop being such a meshugennah,” but if she noticed I did something silly/ridiculous she’d just shout out “meshuggenah!” to get my attention. Being that my name is Michelle and another frequent nickname she used was “Mich,” I just assumed it was another personal nickname…that was only used when I did something stupid!

  10. My mother would dismiss our annoying requests or unreasonable ideas with (and I had to look this up at for the right words):

    “Fardrai zich deyn kopf!: literally, “go turn your own head around.” In other words, “Leave me alone and go make yourself crazy!” ”

    She would also frequently make a “meichel,” a stew with whatever was in the house. Tasted great anyway! {ProfJonathan}

  11. My favorite Yiddish word is Narishkeit. My Rabbi’s husband taught it to me when explaining some of the “rules” of Judaism to me the first time I observed Yom Kippur. “I’m waiting until I can see 3 stars before I break the fast. It’s narishkeit, but it’s my narishkeit.”

  12. Where to begin – I already DM some via twitter.

    Personally I love the Yiddish curses:

    Mey dee vaksen aasa cibila, mit dan kop in drei-it – May you grow like an onion with your head in the ground.


    Mey dee san as ein crystal – Brenen ba nacht and hoongen ba tok. May you be like a chandelier – Burn by night and hang by day.

    On the nice side

    “Der enike es a ganif – ey ge ganfited man harst” “The grandchild is a theif – he stole my heart” – my grandfather loved calling me a ganif because of this saying.

  13. Oy Gavalt…..Oh my god….surprise, disbelieve, a spill, a story of gossip…

  14. my grandma used to teach my siblings and cousins this when we were kids. we’d run around saying it over and over and over.

  15. Congrats! You are the winner of the Schlep Tote Bag from Popjudaica…please send me your snail mail so we can get that bag out to you.

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