140 Character Conference Scholarships. Pick Me. I’ll Tweet For My Seat.

Back in February I attended my first social media marathon, Jeff Pulver’s SocComm, and I wrote about my incredible experience (my big day out by myself) and the all-star line up of speakers. I learned so much about social media and met bloggers that I am still in touch with on a regular basis. I am so glad that I spent me, myself, and mommy time there (took money from my Mani Pedi budget so babysitter would stay longer). I’m actually pretty good at doing my own nails now, not!! Nevertheless, the speakers and social media connections I made have lasted longer than any Mani Pedi, LOL. But, I want more and it will be at The 140 Characters Conference: It is ALL about the people.

From SocComm, Gary Vaynerchuk said something that has become a mantra in my life, “It’s about understanding who you are and what you love to do”. The good news is, I love blogging and using social media to reach my community. I still haven’t made money from it (hence the request for a scholarship) but I have made some incredible relationships. My numbers on twitter, facebook, and readers of my blog are growing. I have been invited to VIP Mommy Blogger events (Audiblekids, Clorox, PampersStriderite) by key mommy blogger influencers including Katja Presnal, Beth Feldman, and Maria Bailey. I have discussed the need to market to kosher, gluten-free, and lactose intolerant people with John Andrews of Wal-Mart. I was a featured mom blogger on goodhouskeeping.com. Not bad for a blogginer, eh? Just imagine where Jeff Pulver’s, #140 Conference will take me? Armed with a new cell and biz cards, I will tweet from for my seat!


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