I’ve Been Polished-Pledge NYC Mommy Blogger Event

pledge-multi-surfaceI had never considered the idea of schlepping my laptop along with me to a nail salon until Katja Presnal invited me to a Pledge NYC Blogger Event.  I am very accident prone when it comes to electronics, so I kept my laptop at home.  However, I did indulge in a back massage and then I realized that I was wearing double spanx (people still ask me if I’m pregnant, my tummy is still, a tummy). I loved the manicure, but I had to pass on the pedicure because I had tried to soak my feet before the actual manicure to remove some dry skin. You know how you clean for the cleaning lady? I also scrub for the manicure lady.  My feet had been seriously neglected. In the process of shaving off dead skin from my heal (I know, too much information) I cut my heal.  Ouch! That hurt, but the show must go on.  I went out to the event with a big bandage on my left foot. In fact, the pedicure lady took one look at the bandage on my foot and said, “no pedicure for you”.

I learned how Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner can turn dirty surfaces into sparkling surfaces. This Multi Surface Cleaner is perfect for surfaces that have both wood and glass as well as electronics. However, when it comes to cleaning high chairs and baby toys,  Mom In The City and other fellow mommy bloggers agreed upon when we would/would not use the product. Mom In The City added, “When it comes to places where food is on/that we and our families might eat off of, we’d use more natural cleaners (i.e., method, Seventh Generation, etc.). However, no one is eating off our computers, televisions, etc., so those are the type of things that we would use Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner product on.” I wanted to add an additional cleaning product to that list, dapple baby toy wipes. Check out some of their green friendly and award winning products at dapplebaby.com. yhst-15596662667625_2040_0

You can try Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner and can get a $1 off coupon at How I Clean Now.  This is a really fun site and Katja is one of five bloggers that receive help with their cleaning challenges. As an extra bonus, Trish Suhr of Clean House  shares advice on cleaning effectively and efficiently (this is way too ambitious for me these days plus I am addicted to cleaning help). However, I did have to get down and dirty with my house cleaning without help a couple of weeks ago. The woman that usually comes was not available for 2 weeks. At the end of the second week, I had to roll up my sleeves and scrub, mop, and straighten on my own. I had to bribe my 3 children not to walk on the freshly mopped floor and vacuumed carpet. As a result, I had to listen to Dora the Explorer count in Spanish for a good four hours. I had no choice in the matter, 2 of my friends were sleeping over that night and a few more friends were coming over for lunch the following afternoon. This clean-a-thon really kicked my tush and I was in bed by 8:00 pm the entire next week.


One thought on “I’ve Been Polished-Pledge NYC Mommy Blogger Event

  1. That event was so fun. And I think you’re so smart to think of this as just one member of your team of cleaning supplies. Green is grand for so much, but this stuff takes the dust off your TV like nobody’s business, no?

    And I could seriously use one of those cupcakes they had at the salon right about now…

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