Kermit, It Is So Easy To Be Green

Lazy_Environmentalist_Budget_LowI had a blast participating in my very first virtual blogger briefing with Josh Dorfman, The Lazy Environmentalist. While he discussed the many ways (green is the new black) to go green, we viewed an in depth presentation on how to do this. We even got a copy of his book, The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget Save Money. Save Time. Save the Planet.  When my friend came over last week, she couldn’t put it down, so I just let her borrow it. Josh Dorfman is so into being green that he was wearing green, no kidding! The shirt he was wearing was made out of organic cotton. Now here’s a guy that really is his brand. There were so many useful tips and tricks to living a green lifestyle; however, my most favorite was learning how to get points for recycling. Big plus, we have so much recycling and I’d love to be compensated for all of the separating and schlepping involved.  Get this? You can get paid to conveniently recycle all of your residential trash. Earn rewards for recycling through RecycleBank’s program that lets you conveniently dump all of your recyclables into one bin. After the recycling truck collects it, log in to, enter your account number, and see how much you’ve earned. You can redeem that value at more than 300 participating partners such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS, and The service is currently rolling out around the US. I am so loving this!

And, I am in love with my bottle of Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid  By Clorox. Talk about bubble power, this stuff is really fun to clean with and it works great. I also tried out the Natural Cleaning Wipes and was very satisfied. detail_prod_gwWith 3 pairs of dirty hands-believe me, I do clean them and five minutes later-they get all dirty again. These wipes were always within arms reach. I also really liked the natural scent.detail_prod_ndl It is so important to keep cleaning with safe products. You know what they say, if you can’t say the ingredient, you really shouldn’t let it be a part of your life.


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