Open Moms Night Out

On Thursday, May 7, from 6-8 pm, Role Mommy celebrated Mother’s Day with a collection of laugh out loud readings and performances at New York City’s Comic Strip Live.  Some of the most talented authors, bloggers and television producers living in the tri-state area were featured. I had planned to go out this evening and be on time, but other plans were in store for me and my journey to Manhattan from Queens.  In order to stay within the weekly budget, I took public transportation. Good for saving some green, but for some reason I ended up hitting every possible travel delays, wrong turns, and a bunch of lousy directions. I ended up walking up to New York City’s Comic Strip Live just as Role Mommy and Friends (her mom is just adorable) were waiting for a cab to pick them up. That’s right, the show was over, and my feet were in pain. Well, the show must go on. I said hello, met some new moms, and asked if there was anything I could do to help. Things were under control and Kim Orlando, a.k.a,, asked if I wanted to hitch a ride with her to the next Mom’s Night Out event. The set up at the charming Garden Terrace at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, Midtown was very nice. Katja Presnal and MomSelect put together a really nice event with a lot of great sponsors and SWAG bags. Some of New York’s finest moms were out for the night; you should definitely link to TravelingMom, Mominthecity, NYCityMama, Babyrific, and Selfishmom. They are all great moms and very business savvy.


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