There Is No Business Like Shoe Business

I was so nervous about buying my oldest daughter her first pair of shoes. I specifically asked a very experienced mother of 5 where she went for her kids first shoes. Without any hesitation she said Stride Rite. She added that the store that she loved was very kid friendly and had videos and small chairs and tables just their size. What if I made a mistake and bought shoes that were too small or too tight? Not too worry, an employee would be there to help measure her feet and check for room to grow (you know how kids grow out of their shoes in like 5 minutes). So, my first time mom friend and I drove to Stride Rite in Lake Success, NY a little over 3 years ago and we’ve been back for every pair of shoes for our kids since. So, when I was asked by BSM Media to preview a special Fall preview party and media event for Stride Rite , I was a definite yes. I brought my 2 year old daughter in an effort to give her some individual attention. Our journey started out perfectly. We caught the right bus, train, and right after we came out of the F train station near Bryant Park we were just steps from  the event. When we walked into the room, the display of shoes was eye popping. I instantly fell in love with this shoe for my baby stride pebble boy shoeboy. Not only is this a good looking shoe, it was designed with babies that have graduated from cruising and started walking. These shoes can be worn with a pair of jeans at the park or with a pair of khakis to a family dinner. These shoes also have the flexibility and breathability of Natural Motion System® (NMS) technology which will ensure that my baby boy is comfortable with every step. I thought that the eco-friendly materials  that include recycled rubber outsole, natural stitching, and water-based inks for details and logo were of real interest to me. A few local mom bloggers, like, and, also enjoyed the display of color and pop.   

For my daughter (a.k.a., princess)I really liked this shoe from the PlayGround Collection.  She is also a huge magnet for mud and puddles. I love stride ritethat the flexible outsoles, antimicrobial footbed and moisture-wicking technology will her clean and mom happy. I just love the washable design! How about he Antimicrobial footbed for fresh feet and machine washable (air dry only) and moisture wicking.

I also learned about Stride Rite’s Sensory Response Technology, which will be in stores in July. This technology optimizes the biomechanics of a baby’s foot so baby develops a healthy gait, which never changes after the first few steps. The bottom of the shoe is designed for proper development for the early walking period. The materials are extra flexible to allow baby’s foot to move in more than one direction so they learn how to adapt to uneven surfaces, and the soles are rounded so baby doesn’t trip. Theses shoes have been constructed with an incredible science behind them.


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