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Well, I did it. I started a show on blogtalkradio and I completed my second show this morning. Yes, I was nervous, but not about what to say. I was nervous about retrieving callers from the que. After a few big fail whales, I was able to hear my guest, Allison Josephs, a.k.a., Jew In The City. A big shout out to Allison for calling and sharing with me what she’s been up to these days. Yes, she’s been on TV and on the Radio. She will be posting an upcoming segment that includes her very close friend and Torah study partner, Mayim Bialik, or you might have known her back in the late 80’s as Blossom. I must admit, I never saw Blossom until a link to the show was sent my way via YouTube . However, I did see her in Beaches and fell in love with her voice and personality. Now she is all grown up with children of her own and showing up in news stories quite frequently these days. Not just because of her recent appaerances on Bones or TLC’s What Not To Wear, or that she has a PhD. By the way, the TLC crew would probably put me in fashion rehab if theycaught me out on the street-my favorite jean skirt from thrift-and I’m keeping it. Not only has Mayim’s dress code been adjusted to her more Jewish obersvant lifestyle-modest dress-she┬áhas become more observant in her kitchen and keeps kosher with vegan options at home. Way to go, Mayim!


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