Pomengranate Offers Summer BBQ Tips That You'll Kvel Over

 July 4th is just around the corner and BBQ grills everywhere are ready for the outdoor menu. For my family, this is the time of year when we pack up our kosher cooler with Empire Kosher chicken, hamburger meat, Empire hot dogs, and steaks and head out on the road. When we reach our destination, Gloucester, M.A, we get the kosher grill out of storage and fire it up.  Even if you are a seasoned BBQ cook, you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to gain a few more BBQ tips from POMEGRANATE, NY’s largest gourmet kosher retailer. Chefs from POMEGRANATE  will share some industry secrets about how to achieve the best BBQ results. 

The BBQ event will take place on Today, JUNE 29 at 6:30 PMRain date:  JUNE 30 (Open to the public; free of charge).  Come on over to the store’s parking lot at 1507 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn and savor this gourmet outdoor kosher cooking event, part of its series of monthly culinary events being hosted by POMEGRANATE.    718-951-7112  .



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