Do It Yourself Day Camp

Hall-logo-colourD_hi-rezI can’t believe it is already July 4th weekend. I can’t believe I have a 2 year old with an ear infection and a 1 year old on the nebulizer everywhere 4 hours. Haven’t I kept my kids in the house  enough this winter? Either way, this virus has altered our summer plans. DH is taking the girls away for the weekend and I will be home with the baby. We both agreed that it would be best for the baby to be in his home. He still has a runny nose and a cough, poor baby. So, we’ll be in the house taking it easy while the rest of the family will be at the beach. I’m okay with this, as it is most important to that the girls get to see their Bubby and Zaidy, and Bubby and Ziady to see the girls. They are growing-up way too fast, I just want to hold on to the moments like when they all fall asleep on the floor snuggling up next to one another. Then there are the times when my 4 year old and 2 year old take each others toys, juice boxes, bikes, and seats in the stroller. So why am I keeping my kids home from camp this summer?

It is no suprise that the current economic challenges have affected our lives. My DH away from the house for almost 12 hours a day (his commute is 3 hours roundtrip). Sure, he can drive, but that would cost us $15 a day, and that adds up. So, my DH takes the train. Rain, sleet, snow, heat wave, wind chill, he’s out there walking to the bus, waiting for the bus. Time is money, money is time. So, we’ve decided to put our camp budget back in our pockets and save up for something everybody will enjoy. Since our parents live out of town, we will be hitting the road and traveling this summer. Camp is not cheap, even the cheap camps aren’t so cheap for what you get. The cheapest camp is what I like to call “do it yourself day camp”. The good news, I’m not alone. The bad news, I am alone. Many of my friends have also decided to take camp into their own hands, so we get together and keep each other company and sanity. So far, so good.

Here are some of my “do it yourself day camp” activities to keep your summer a breeze

Who’s In?

Talk to everybody you know and see who else is campin in this summer. I’ve found at least 7 moms with children and together we manage our summer activities and more.

Where to go?

This might be a good time to become a member of a museum, and you will use it, trust me. I’m a member of the New York Hall of Science in Queens. We joined last year and our lives have been enriched without going broke. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can find us there. We especially love the preschool place and can spend many hours there.

New York Parks and Recreation

We have so many beautiful parks in Queens and we frequent them a couple of times a week, if not more. I call these parks “my country club”, especially in the summer sizzle when my kids giggle and play in the sprinklers. We always pack an extra pair of clothes,  bathing suit, swim diapers, sun protection, and water shoes. You can also find new events at NYC Government Parks   Parkids.

Library Peace

Check out your local library and see what is happening in the toddler center. We always go to TLC with Mr. Meyers in Queens.

.It’s All About Me.

Take Some Time For Mom, and shout it out

Just as important as the suncreen on your kids faces. Speaking of faces, I’m about to fall on mine.  I keep sleep typing, time to go to bed. Share some of your favorite park memories as a kidbelowl and


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