You Never Forget Your First BlogHer!!

When I first felt the wave of attending a major event, I was in a room with 1500 women bloggers from Oslow to Oregon. I was really excited to be a part of the moment, the here, and the now. Before I handed out my first business card, collected my first SWAG, or met my most favorite BlogHer, I had made a list of expectations that I had wanted to stick to during BlogHer. I’d like to share them (if you are reading this, thank you).

Meet the bloggers I follow on Twitter and facebook that had absolutely no idea who I was @alizasherman @JessicaKnows @5minutesformom @momitforward @tedrubin @jackiecuyvers @lbm03 @scottmonty just to name a few

 Hug and acknowledge the bloggers I have already met, including @rolemommy @madijack @katjapresnal@travelingmom and @snazl just to name a few .

Meet new bloggers that I did not know existed and give them my business card

Meet some of the marketing/pr/advertising folks in the exhibition hall  @pepsico @webershandwick @quacker @hanes@playschool

As a kosher/Observant Jewish mommy blogger, I was committed to my religious committments (Fri. night to Sat. night) while attending the panels on Saturday (no microphone, tweeting, pushing buttons, pictures)

I thought my fashionable shoes would keep up with all of the stair climbing I did between Fri. night and Sat. day, not. Thank you @crocs for plan B, we love you SWAG.

Found enough kosher SWAG in the bag to keep me full and hydrated (Tropicana, Quacker, Great Value, Walmart,Kiwi ladies).

Smiled at everybody and tried very hard not to diss anybody (if you feel like I did, I apologize, I was just being pulled in different directions by my kids and mom).

 My kids were happy in Kidcorp, thank you so much for making me know that they were safe and well fed (thank you for ordering kosher meals from my fave place,

 Thank you Playschool and other life size characters that came into kidcorp and made them smile.

 And, my last, but not least, expectation, was to feel confident in my clothes (thank you spanx and assets for keeping things under control)

My final expectation was to want to attend BlogHer again next year!!! New York, no problem. Now I just need a sponsor to help cover the costs (babysitting, clothes, transportation, kosher food, and clothing). I can’t say that I expected to be spotted and immediately put on the most wanted mommy blogger list, just a way to convince my DH that I will eventually be able to make money by working at home.


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