Eyes That Pop And Stop

When I was approached to review Pond’s Towelettes I wasn’t sure I’d ever have a reason to use them. What would  a make-up free,  41 year old mom of 3 children need to remove to make this review of any value?  Let’s face it, I never put eye make-up on during the day.  I barely put on lip gloss or even a little blush when my husband and I do have an occassional date outside of the house.  

Don’t get me wrong, I had the MAC attack years ago and bought the entire package. My friend signed me up with a  make-up stylist and he showed me how my eyes could “pop” with my very own selection of MAC products. I was hooked! I had officially become part of a MAC Pack and frequented the MAC counter whenever a new product was launched.  It was a lot of fun, while it lasted.  Thank G-d, the MAC Pack has moved on and we now have our very own “packs of kids”. Just because I am a now a mom is no excuse not to put on make-up once in awhile, or is it?

 Just as the Pond’s Towelettes were sitting pretty on my bathroom counter, my babysitter told me that she really wanted to apply make-up on me before my “date night” with my husband.  So, I dusted off my make- up box and showed her the interesting mix of make-up products that had been unused for a very long time. Like a true artist ready to paint her canvas, she carefully selected various eye shadows, lipsticks, eye liners, mascaras, concealers, and blush.  She sat me down and told me to relax. Even with my1 year old playing at our feet, she did an exceptional job.  She made my eyes “pop” and my lips “shine”. She’s definitely a keeper.

I was ready to walk out the door and meet my husband at our favoarite coffee shop. I glanced in the mirror again on the way out and my eyes popped back at me. I had forgotten how it had felt to feel pretty and go out with my husband. When I saw him at the coffee shop, he was all smiles. He commented on how nice my eyebrows looked, that’s okay.  It’s important that he noticed that I had made an effort to do something extra with myself.

When our coffee was finshed, we went home and the exhaustion from a humid, August day with my kids at the park hit me . I was ready to just climb into bed with my make-up on and go to sleep.  I just couldn’t be bothered with taking off that make-up.  Wait. What about that  fresh pack of POND’S® WET CLEANSING TOWELETTES , now is the perfect opportunity.

Clean. Fresh. Removed. The make-up removal process went so well that I now put on make-up more often. In other words, I am more motiviated to put eye make-up on now that I know how  easy it can be removed with POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes, the No. 1 brand of wet cleansing towelettes, gently remove make-up and even waterproof mascara. Clinical studies have shown that Pond’s towelettes remove the  make-up that other brands leave behind – taking off up to 40 percent more than other leading towelettes.

Available in three varieties, they are ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested for a gentle face cleansing experience.

  • More effective at removing make-up than any other leading towelette
  • Contains Triple Tea Antioxidant Complex, Vitamin E and Chamomile
  • Luxuriously quilted cloths with a unique diamond texture allow for a deep clean without leaving any residue behind
  • SRP: $4.79 to $5.07 (30/pack)

The price is right and the results are exactly what I expect from a long, hot summer day with my 3 blessings. Speaking of summer, visit Pond’s Lifestyle for summer beauty tips from fashion and beauty guru Jenn Falik, download coupons for Pond’s Towelettes and get more infromation on the Pond’s money-back guarantee.


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