Our Play Day With The Kool-Aid Man and Kaboom!

New York moms sans kids pose for a photo up with Mr. Kool-Aid

Check out this great shot of some super cool mom bloggers hanging out with the Kool-Aid Man! (From left to right: Kimberly at Mom in the City, Esti at Primetime Parenting, Katja at Skimbaco Lifestyle, Beth at Role Mommy, Liz at Cool Mom Picks & Mom 101 and Anna at Mommy Poppins).

I normally don’t take my babysitter with me to mom blogger events, however, on August 11, I did. When I go places with my 3 kids, 4, 2, and 1, we definitely make an impression both entering and exiting the building. Even with my babysitter in tow, we contriuted to the booming afternoon of fun, food and family photos at Studio 450 in NYC. Beth Feldman, a.k.a., Role Mommy, put together a fantstic event complete with some of my favorite mom bloggers and their children on Tuesday, August 11th. We also had a chance to meet the Kool-Aid Man and members of the KABOOM team and celebrate and promote KaBOOM! PLAY DAYS*

My kids loved all of the activities going on, including arts & crafts, cupcake decorating, balloon playing, and sipping delicious Kool-Aid. This was most appreciated after our interesting commute using public transportation from Queens (to be posted in another post). I’m so glad that we had our very own photo session with renowned celebrity family photographer Jade Albert, (www.jadealbert.com). She was a real trooper, especially when my 2 year old took off her diaper (not kidding) and tried to walk it over to her during our family photo session. It was and experience she had not known in all of her years of photographing families. Despite this curve ball of soiled diaper,  she did an incredible job of capturing a calm moment and the kool-aid_miara making cupcake2 image can be seen below.

You can also catch the play-by-play of the entire event by listening to Beth Feldman and her live broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. I even had a chance to schmooze with Beth and Liz of coolmompicks.com for a few minutes! Thanks to Rachel, our babysitter, who kept up with my 3 kids running in 3 different directions. 

*Host a KaBOOM! Play Day and be a hero to the kids in your community! Between Sept. 19-27, 2009, thousands of communities across the U.S. will host free, fun-for-the-whole-family events that celebrate play and demonstrate the importance of play in children’s development. Plan your event with our free planner tool and you could receive a free Play Day kit. Register today at: kaboom.org/playday! KaBOOM!. It starts with a playground.


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