My Outing With Two Toddlers To Meet Jillian Michaels

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, I sprinted to Chelsea Piers with two toddlers, a stroller, and an ergo on my back in order to catch a glimpse of fitness guru Jillian Michaels from “The Biggest Loser.” When phenomamama Role Mommy told me about this event and that child care would be available, I was so there!

 After a somewhat calm ride on the E train (except when my two year old touched a strange man’s belly) followed by a quick bus ride on the M23, we arrived at Chelsea Piers. I had already worked up a sweat (that is what happens when a 40 plus mom schleps two toddlers into the city using public transportation). I could have used a map to get to Pier 60, Chelsea Piers is huge. I took a few wrong turns and my daughter almost crashed a birthday party at 300 New York at Chelsea Piers bowling alley. I would love to go back and try it out!

 When we finally arrived at Pier 60 (I was shvitzy and wearing my Ergo with my very hefty one year old in it) I saw a room full of some of my most favorite New York and Boston mom bloggers. I wiped my brow, dropped the kids in the child care room, and joined the party.

Some of the fab mom bloggers of!

Some of the fab mom bloggers of!

 At the head of the room stood a slender, fit and personable Jillian Michaels. She is even better looking and skinner in person (yes that is possible). I had already missed her fitness class especially for the mom bloggers, but I did get a chance to say hello to her. She was so personable and chatty and stayed until her staff literally pulled her away so she wouldn’t miss her flight!  I think she would have loved to have stayed longer.

 Thanks to the women occupying my toddlers across the hall, I was able to try out Jillian Michael’s brand new game for Wii. I did not get paid to say this, I seriously loved it! If this is my ticket to lose weight without joining a gym, I’m all for it. My husband has me on a strict budget (I also want to move to a house also).  A Wii fit game at home is much better, as I wouldn’t have to hire a babysitter or put my children in child care at the health club.

Wii, Mommy, and Me

Wii, Mommy, and Me

 I am so glad that we went because I had a chance to schmooze and network with other mom bloggers and met some new ones as well!  Like clock work, my kids were ready to go as soon as the event was over. We had to get back to Queens and pick up my four year old from her friend’s house. Once again, strangers were helpful and tolerable when my two year petted a stomach or snuggled up against the person next to her, yikes. We finally made it home and my dear husband took over baths and I collapsed on the coach.

 Next time around, I’d love to spend more time at Chelsea Piers with my entire family. I would love to stay over at the Holiday In NYC -Manhattan 6th Avenue.  The rooms are small, but big enough to accomodate our family  of  five. We wouldn’t need to bring anything extra for the baby because they have complimentary cribs upon request. Two double beds are ideal, since my girls love to cozy up with us every night anyway.  This hotel is known for being clean and smelling fresh, which is a real treat from our very lived in, old house in Queens. The bathrooms with modern appliances and 21st Century decor would be a total delight. The bathrooms in our rented house are so old school that the tiles have cracked. Since we’re renting, we are not going to invest in replacing cracked tiles or the ugliest light fixtures I’ve ever seen. No matter how hard I scrub the toilet and bath tub, they’ll never sparkle like the bathrooms at this hotel..

There are no refrigerators in the rooms, but we could bring our kosher cooler and keep it stocked with some basics like cream cheese, milk, cheese, and yogurt. If we should need to run out and replenish our kosher cooler, we could head over to the Trader Joe’s located at 142 E. 14th St.

Another hotel option but on the more expensive side is the Hotel Gansevoort located at 18 9th Avenue. My kids would love this place so much that they wouldn’t want to leave. The lobby alone is spectacular! If my kids are that happy, I won’t want to leave either. The Hotel Gansevort is not advertised as a “kid friendly” hotel, but they do supply everything from diapers and bottle warmers to infant bathtubs and strollers (as well as more common cribs) free of charge. Not only are the rooms spacious and beautiful, kid friendly channels like Nickelodeon and Toon Disney Channel can be viewed at no extra charge. Since we recently cancelled our digital cable services, this would be a avery exciting activity for the kids. However, there would not be a lot of time to watch Mickey Mouse because I would plan an entire day of activities at Chelsea Piers. They even have Chelsea Piers Pier-Wide Gift Cards, if you’re due for a birthday present. Here is what I would suggest if you plan to spend the night or weekend at Chelsea Piers:

  • Toddler Adventure Center
  • Snack With Kids In Dining Area Of Chelsea Piers
  • Dual Indoor Ice Skating Rinks
  • Lunch At Mr. Broadway
  • Children’t Galleries for Jewish Culture
  • Dinner Back At The Room With Crunch Carrot Chicken Kugel
  • Good Night

I would love to take my kids to The Toddler Adventure Center at Chelsea Piers so they can run, jump, and play. Another option would be to go to the Children’s Galleries for Jewish Culture during the intermediate days of Sukkot. The gallery has a children’s program especially for the intermediate days. The kids will be able to build a miniature Sukkah, create Sukkah decorations, and design a Simchat Torah flag. Sukkot follows Yom Kippur and we make a temporary hut in our backyard where we will eat our meals for eight days. The Sukkah, or temporary hut, symbolizes the tabernacles that the Jews ate and slept in when they were traveling through the desert.

This is a TravelingMom dedicated post.


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