Our Dining Room For The Next Seven Days

Sukkot 2007 023

Tonight we start the holiday of Sukkot, which means that we will be eating in this temporary “hut” for the next seven days. Why would we do such a thing? It is actually so much fun and the kids and they hang up their projects from school for the decorations. I love this holiday because by eating in the Sukkah we recognize how G-d was with the Jewish people when he took them out of the land of Egypt (slavery) and stayed with them through their journey until they arrived in the land of Israel.

Some people spend up to $900 on their Sukkahs. Not in our house. Thank G-d, I married a mensch that not only cooks but knows quite a bit about engineering. He came up with the design, ordered the parts and he “built this Sukkah”.


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