40 And Under Have Big Appetite For Prepared Kosher Food

(this story from koshertoday newsletter)

An increasingly younger kosher market is spending more on specialty foods for the Jewish holidays than their parents, is the upshot of conversations with retailers and kosher purveyors as they assess the results of the just concluded holiday season. Baby boomer customers were more likely to buy traditional kosher foods than the under 40 set, they concluded. The latter was likely to include flavored dips, olive oil, flavored herring, sushi and upscale cheeses while the older customers were still buying kugels, traditional salads, and healthier snacks and pastries. While retailers guessed that overall sales grew by as much as 10% over last year, they are suggesting that the purchase of the specialty foods may have been almost double that figure. “The interest in prepared foods has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said one Brooklyn retailer, adding: “Many of our younger customers spend more time in our refrigerated section that they do in the rest of the store.”


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