Our Fun Day in Manhattan And Two Shows With The Girls

Last Sunday I had the most amazing afternoon in Manhattan. I usually shy away from these types of outings because going anywhere with three kids, four and under, is not easy. When I told my husband about the events in store, he was all for it and we jumped in the car with a very well stocked diaper bag and hit the road.

Our first stop was to see phenomamama and author Beth Feldman, at The Living Room on the Lower East Side. Also known as Rolemommy and ultra connector of moms in social media. Beth is on a tour promoting her most recent book See Mom Run, a collection of essays by the nation’s most talented authors, mom bloggers, television producers, parenting experts, entrepreneurs, grandmothers and even a retired senator! From labor pains to potty disasters, weight gain, holiday mayhem, teen angst, empty nest syndrome, home renovations and even colonoscopy exams, See Mom Run is the perfect prescription for today’s harried parents. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud as I read some of the funniest stories about projectile vomit hitting the driver (mom) on a hot summer day. You can imagine the rest of the story, but you’ll just have to find out and read it!

After Beth introduced opened the show, we saw our very first performance of kidrockers. We all loved it. Imagine MTV unplugged meets Yo Gabba Gabba Indie Rock with a room full of kids and their parents. The show was hosted by two very witty fellows that made even a hackler from the audience crack a smile. The hosts had us all laughing when one of them said that our last music show before this was Squeeze.

Some of the members in the audience won copies of See Mom Run, a Swiffer WetJet Swiffer (parents get excited about these things), and Yo Gabba Gabba concert tickets. We actually won and our very own copy of Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is Awesome CD. My kids have been fans of DJ Lance and his cast of characters since my nephew (now 21 years old) showed them Party in My Tummy on Youtube.com. This nephew of mine is awesome and he and his friend met up with us after kidrockers at Shalom Chai Pizza at 359 Grand Avenue on the Lower East Side. The pizza was delicious, but the floor could have used a serious cleaning with a Swiffer WetJet (sorry guys, you really need to get the floors).

After we met up with my nephew and his friend, my husband drove us over to Madison Square Garden to see Wintuk at the WaMu Theater. None of us had been to a live show at the WaMu, and we certainly hadn’t seen Cirque du Soleil live before. This was very big for all of us! My husband went back home with our 21 month old son because he just can’t sit still anywhere these days.

 We had really great seats and the kids were all smiles and giggles as the lights dimmed. The lighting of the stage sent a feeling of a very cold winter season in front of my eyes. When it started, acrobats flipped, jumped, and danced all flawlessly around the stage. The story is about a little boy in search of snow and the variety of animals and other characters that he sees along the way. The costumes were spectacular and my kids thought for sure that the princess was going to come home with us. Dogs danced, lamp posts swayed and batted their eyes (very clever idea) and a construction worker balanced on top of a very steep pile of moving items. We were all dizzy with amazement at the amount of turns the princess had taken during her performance. I must be honest here about a part of the show that frightened my four and two year old kids. There was a very real stage affect and noise that made them jump out of their seats and on to my lap. With the exception of this very affective prop, they had miles of smiles during the performance.

There are so many surprise animals and characters that join the stage during Wintuk that will intrigue your kids. There is a 20 minute break in between the two performances and a good opportunity for a potty break. Once the lights dimmed again and the curtains opened we were anxious to see if the boy would ever find what the snow. Sure enough, the finale of the show showered the entire stage and WaMu theater in paper snowflakes. I couldn’t believe how many snowflakes fell from the ceiling. I hadn’t been in such awe of a stage affect since Phantom of the Opera. These things were everywhere, even out in the lobby area and in my purse (they fell out when I got home). I couldn’t help but wonder how they cleaned all those pieces of tissue paper up for the next show and clean it up all over again. Impressive.

If you are looking for a family friendly event this holiday season, definitely check out www.cirquedusoleil.com to purchase tickets and catch Wintuk (which will run until January 3, 2010).

 This is not a paid post. This reviews and opinions are my own. I did receive tickets for both of these shows for no charge.


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