Bobbi Brown’s Father Joe: A Modern Day Dr. Seuss

When I was invited to join famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown and her dad, Joe Brown at a special reading at the Scholastic Book Store last month, I really wanted to go but it just wasn’t possible.  I never knew that Bobbi Brown’s father was an author, did you?  This event was to launch Joe Brown’s book, The Flights of Marceau:  Race to the Rescue and the further adventures of a character Joe Brown made up when Bobbi and her siblings were young. Called the “modern day Dr. Suess” by his children, this book will take you on an adventure with a cab driver and his efforts to rescue zoo animals from an impending hurricane. Check out this clip from to see an interview with both Joe and Bobbi about the inspiration behind the book. Personally, I find this type of information very interesting as I love hearing how successful people were raised and how they were inspired to do what they do. It is obvious that Joe is an amazing father and that his grown children love and respect him tremendously. In fact, it was his children that inspired him to go ahead and publish this story after he retired.  

I actually read this book to my three year old playgroup and they loved it. The illustrations are beautiful and the main character Joe is a real mensch. His effort to save the animals from the hurricane as everybody else was worrying about themselves was very honorable.

 Bobbi Brown’s public relations contact was nice enough to fill me in on the event as well as send me four copies of Joe’s book to giveaway on my blog. She also told me that Bobbi would offer me her recommendations for a 1 minute makeup window, which is 59 seconds more than I get right now. However, I was really excited to learn that in exchange for a review of the book, I would receive Bobbi Brown’s Must-Have Palette, as a special gift.  I was really excited about this palette, but how to find the time to apply it?

 This limited edition collection of look-good-on-everyone, can’t-live-without-’em shades has everything you need to look polished in five minutes flat. This palette includes 7-well Lip Palette with Lip Brush, 2 Pan Eye Shadow Palette, a full-size Espresso Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, mini Black Everything Mascara and a mini dual-ended Eye Shadow/ Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.  With three kids that need to be fed, cleaned, and dressed by 8:30 am, there is no time to spare. Nevertheless, I am now inspired to try out the following tips straight from Bobbi’s mouth. The truth is that whenever I do have the chance to put on some make-up, I feel refreshed and energized. So, here are some of Bobbi Brown mommy makeup-in-a hurry tips:

“People are often shocked when I tell them how much time I spend applying makeup—Five minutes!  “Well, that must be because you do makeup for a living,” they say.  They’re partly right…working in the beauty business all of my adult life has certainly given me ample opportunity to hone my skills.  But the truth is that it’s less about being particularly good with my hands, and more about knowing the makeup products and techniques that make a difference and require the least amount of time and effort. 

Five-Minute Makeup: This is the makeup routine you go for when you’re short on time and don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed.  It’s a low-key look that’s perfect when you’re a working mom, taking the kids to school, running errands, or going the gym. Here are some tried and true tips and products that I use on myself, women who visit my counter, and even models and celebrities that are great on-the-go and make you look better…instantly. After all, who has the time or energy to fuss around nowadays?

Here are tips to get you out the door looking polished in 5 minutes or less:

Refresh your eyes with an eye brightener and mascara.  Instantly, you’ll look better rested.    

Use a bright shade of blush just on the apples of your cheeks to instantly give your face a lift.

Lastly, take a brightening gloss and place it in the middle of both top and bottom lips.  Your lips will instantly look fuller…and who doesn’t love that? 

If I could recommend two products, I’d recommend my pot rouge, which can double as blush and lip color, and mascara!”

Now that we know what kind of gifts I love, what types of gifts will you get your children for gifts this year? When I am asked this question, I have two requests: books and clothes.

I am giving away four copies of The Flights of Marceau:  Race to the Rescue. It is so easy, even a very busy like yourself could enter.

1. Visit and come back and tell me your must have, out the door make up item.

 2. Subscribe to the Scholastic Store newsletter. (bottom of the page at

 3. Tweet @primetimeparent is giving away a must have book for your kid this holiday season

 This contest will end at 11:59pm, Sunday, December 6, 2009. Please include both your twitter if you have one. 

I did not receive payment for this post. I received the Must Have Palette and four books for conducting this review and giveaway. The opinions and comments are my own.


2 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown’s Father Joe: A Modern Day Dr. Seuss

  1. My must have out of the door Bobbi Brown makeup item is the Aubegine lip gloss (my 1st Bobbi Brown purchase yrs ago) & I recently got the crystal lip gloss.

  2. The Bobbi’s Everything Mascara also would be a great out of the door product

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