A Little Walt Disney Goes A Long Way, Baby

We just returned (this morning at 8:00 am to be exact) from spending a few days in Florida. I’ve always had a love affair with Florida, ever since I was a kid. The welcome escape to warm temperatures, endless dinner reservations, and catching up on old and new movie releases. I also loved going to the Flea Markets, I always managed to find something or other. 

Today, my trips to Florida are very different. It isn’t all about us any more,  it is about our entire family which includes three kids four and under, you get the picture. 

We drove down from New York and we spent more time on potty breaks than eyeing the snack situation at the rest area. It was well worth it, our girls had no accidents in the car, Thank G-d.

Once we arrived in Florida, we had a very low-key evening and went to bed way early.We stayed in Lake Buena Vista at a very clean and coffee friendly hotel, Springhill Suites by Marriot. We were just minutes from the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, where we spent the first couple of days of our trip. This is a brave task, as most of our friends would not take their children at this age.  The truth is, my husband and I were just as excited if not more than our kids. There is a certain wow to the Walt Disney  World  experience. Everything is executed in the same consistent manner. From the ferry-boat staff to the princess, Cinderella.  There is just good mood vibes going on all over the place. You don’t see that everyday (except at Disney).

Did we enjoy our Walt Disney World experience, even with the multiple potty breaks and long waits for the rides? The answer is yes. We were even able to order kosher food at Cosmic Ray’s and Pizzafari. Sure, it is expensive at $10 per meal, but the convenience is key. A fellow kosher consumer added that you can eat kosher food without calling months in advance or packing a huge cooler and schlepping it around the parks all day. It is a very nice option for us kosher families. I hope that you have as good experiences with the kosher food as my family,  we enjoyed both of our meals.

Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, no matter what your background and religious beliefs, it is obvious that  all of us can use some stress relief these days.  Laugh out loud and get a rush from the 3 D animated movie, It’s Tough To Be A Bug or Mickey’s Philharmagic. Just know that we found both of these shows extremely loud and our kids were scared. We each took them in our arms and let them know it was just a show and it would be over soon.

Whether you go for one day or stay for a week, we could all use a little Disney right this very minute. Get in touch with your laughter, it feels so good.


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