Martha. Martha. Martha. How Tweet It Is!

I was so excited when I received an email from the Marth Stewart Show to be in the audience for their upcoming #blogShow. This sounded so perfect for me, since I am blogging, twittering, linking, and updating numerous social networks about life as a 40+ kosher foodie mom (if you don’t know where to find me online, you will by the end of this blog post).

So, getting invitations to mommy blogger events is a huge thrill for me. The events are fun and most of the time kid friendly. Today, things were a bit different and I had to arrange several things before leaving the home-you know, taking car of the kids is my main squeeze-and I had to have everything arranged before I left my house at 6:30 am-ouch- this morning. 

The good news I accomplished it all-picked up and organized dozens upon dozens of blocks, Disney Princesses, Little People, DVDs, and Dora The Explorer playing cards. I also made lunches and laid out clothes for the girls. The table was set for breakfast, and I charged up my cell phone and computer and confirmed the directions to the Martha Stewart Show and the nearest Starbucks. That is the good news, the bad news is that I was up until 2:30 am. In between putting toys away and washing dishes, I tweeted with @jenrab about meeting up at that nearest Starbucks for a strong cup of coffee before our 8:30 arrival at the studio in Manhattan. 

I also wrote down all of the instructions for the babysitter before I went to bed last night-time of pick-up for the girls, who was picking them up and where.  Brief instructions onhow to play a DVD and easy access to extra wipes and diapers. That’s not all.

Preparing my kids for my the babysitter is key. I’ve learned to prep them a few days before and let them know that Beth, thebabysitter, will be helping them get off to school on Thursday. I made sure that all of the kids were awake and waived to me before I left and, Thank G-d, things went perfectly.

Enough about before the show and more about the show. It was inspiring, interesting, and a lot of fun. I love being able to shmooz with other bloggers, especially @dancingHotdogs @prissymama @ComplicatedMama @NYCSingleMom @STYLEMOM @mommyfactor @newyorkchica and @mommyniri. I met some really great new bloggers like @lizhanne (thanks for the picture) and @centsiblelife.

We watched live as Martha and her blogger guests spoke about how they use the “blogosphere” to share, link, archive, and thrive via their blogs! “Martha Moments” creator Andrew Ritchie showed us how to use leftover yarn to embellish cards for any occasion, “Chez Pim” author Pim Techamuanvivit shared what looked like a very delicious recipe for authentic pad Thai and the entire audience received  a copy of her book, The Foodie Handbook. We also saw Martha  as she taught “Cooking School” chronicler Jeff Blumenkrantz (“Jeff and Martha”) how to frost a cake. For more of a play by play, follow the #BlogShow discussion on Twitter and look for all of our tweets!


One thought on “Martha. Martha. Martha. How Tweet It Is!

  1. It was great to see you there. I know a little of the struggle of planning for the kids so you can go to a blog event. Impressive you did it all and made it to the show on time 😉

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