Esti’s Big Day Out To The Rachel Ray Show

Today I went to The Rachel Ray Show with some friends and it was an all-star show, seriously.First, I would like to give a shout out to the amazing babysitter that watched my friend’s three year old and almost two year old children as well as my three year old and almost two year old children. She really saved the day and is a true gem. So, you’re probably wondering how two busy moms got tickets to the Rachel Ray Show?

About one year ago, I had requested tickets for The Rachel Ray Show. I had completely forgotten about this until I received an email from the show on February 8. I immediately called my friend (she is superwoman  and has five children) and asked her to go with me. And go we did!

With our tickets in hand, we waited patiently in line for about 45 minutes. It wasn’t so cold, or maybe it was because I was so excited to be out with friends. We waited in another line for security, another line for the elevator, and then we were seated in a waiting room outside the studio. There was coffee, water bottles, and Sarah Lee Bran Muffins (kosher certified, I could eat them). This was also our last opportunity to use some very nice facilities until the end of the taping. If somebody had to go while we were in teh studio, a member of the stage crew would escort them to the nearest bathroom while another stage crew member would sit in their seat (I’ve never seen an empty seat in a studio audience, have you?).  

Even though my morning had started at 5:30 am, I wasn’t tired at all and Rachel Ray’s warm-up guy, RCSmith, kept us laughing the entire time. We waited our turn to enter the studio and take our seats. These weren’t just any seats.  In fact, all of the seats were built on top of a platform that moved to where the segment was to be filmed.

This was an extra long taping and we were sitting on our tushies for a couple of hours, but it was so worth it. Rachel had well known celebrities on and her first guest was, Precious” Star Gabourey Sidibe, what a delight she was. She’s up for an Oscar for best actress for her first acting role in the film Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire. She is totally down to earth, as is Rachel Ray.  After Ms. Sidbe left the studio to appaer  on other morning shows in New York, we saw the first live performance in America of a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. She is also a model and is heading to Italy to model clothing this coming week . I can’t think of her name right now, but will update when I get it.  Speaking of models and clothing, if you are wondering what Joan Rivers thought about the Oscars, she will be discussing that the day after the Oscars (at least she is wating this year to insult people) She was also on the show this morning and she is super slim and funny as ever! You will be able to catch her interview with Rachel Ray, sometime next week. You will laugh your arse off, big time! We sure did!

There was also s segment on physical (or lack of) relationships between two very exhausted parents of twin babies. Rachel and Dr. Logan Levkoff had the exhausted couple in the audience and had a live pep talk. Being a parent is the most rewarding  job, but it can take up all your energy and leave nothing for doing anything else. Dr Levkoff suggested that going out on a date, even to a movie and holding  hands is romantic.  Giving birth is an amazing miracle, but the body needs time to heal. It is not necessary to push physicality, even six weeks  past delivery.  Couples should be honest about their feelings in this arena.In these economic times it is most challenging to find anything extra to spend on babysitting. So, remember those friends or single nephews that offered to help? Call them and ask them.  Speaking of babysitters, my friend and I were a little bit anxious about how things with our kids were going. We hoped for the best and enjoyed the last segment; Rachel doing her shtick in the kitchen!

Rachel Ray can slice and dice garlic and onions to perfection and fast. She made a whole grain spaghetti dish with a meat sauce. The sauce was unusual because it was madewith soup broth and sun dried tomatoes . Once it had cooked for a few minutes, it was mixed well in a blender until smooth. She added this unique sauce to ground beef and gave it a good stir. She drained the whole grain pasta, tossed it around a bit, and then chopped up fresh basil and put it on top. Ymu-O-rama.

As we were on our way to the subway,we passed by a bakery called Crumbs. It just so happens that this chain has a kosher certificate and has this statement on their website, “All of Crumbs products are dairy and certified Kosher under the supervision of Orthodox Kashrut Services in New York and U.S. Kosher

 Supervision in California. Our products are Kosher for year-round use, excluding Passover”. Some people may not be familiar with this kosher certification (there are more than I’d like to admit and it does get confusing at times). When in doubt, contact your Rabbi and have him check it out for you. My friends hip and young Aunt bought us some to take home to our kids and they loved them!

 These beautiful cupcakes are pricey (about $3 to $5 per cupcake), but they are huge and overflowing with sprinkles and icing. This is definitely a “sometimes food”.

We really enjoyed our experience in the audience of The Rachel Ray Show. Have you been to The Rachel Ray Show? If not, sign up for tickets online


One thought on “Esti’s Big Day Out To The Rachel Ray Show

  1. What a day 🙂 You know, I passed by Crumbs the other day, too, and I was trying to figure out if it’s a reliable hechsher and can’t seem to get anyone to agree whether it’s okay. Hrm. Were they at least DELICIOUS!?

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