Baking and Taking and Making Purim

Now that the Fast of Esther has completed and empty tummies are filling up on everything from soup to nuts, I made my first batch of Hamentashen today. It is a process of flattening the dough, cutting out dough in circles, adding filling to the middle of the circle of dough, and folding the corners. I decided to fill this batch with strawberry jam and chocolate chips.  I can’t wait until I make the hazelnut batch, hope they’ll be some left (they are quite addicting) to deliver to our friends.

I received my Mishaloch Manot from this afternoon, in the middle of blizzaricane here in New York. They said that I would receive my gourmet chocolate covered Hamentashen before Purim, and they delivered. Let me just add that the outer packager is uber secure, nothing treif (non-kosher) is getting in any of my Mishaloch Manot! Have a great Purim and if you can’t recognize the difference between Haman and Mordecai, don’t think that you can recognize your car or drive it!


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