My Day At The Manischewitz Schmura Matzo Run

If you’re thinking I just ran in the Manischewitz Schmura Matzo Run, you are all wrong. First of all, the only thing I’m running after these days is my two-year old son.

When I was invited to a very exclusive viewing of the Manischewitz Schmura Matzo Run at the company’s new state-of-the-art matzo baking facility, I booked a babysitter immediately. I’ve been blogging about my kosher food experiences for over a year now and this is like going to the Golden Globes for me. Just being in the presence of Senior Members of the Orthodox Union, dignitaries in the kosher world, congregational rabbis and lay leadership, was very exciting for me. I actually had the opportunity to interview President & C.E.O. of The Manischewitz Company, David Yale. Mr. Yale gave a very nice explanation of the Manischewitz Schmura Matzo Run it is the most sacred of kosher traditions.

 I’m sure you all wondering what else is so special about the word Schmura? The word, Schmura, means “watched” because this ceremonial matzo receives special supervision from the time the wheat is harvested to the production at the plant, ensuring that no water is introduced into the process before it’s time. I was amazed by the processes and steps taken to ensure that this process was indeed “kosher”. It was really incredible to see the world’s largest matzo oven which could produce enough matzo in a year to circle the globe twice. That’s Latz-O-Matzo!

Before the Schmura Matzo run was even started, a special blessing was recited in recognition of this momentous event. Manischewitz recently celebrated 120 years, which in Jewish law represents the number that honors old age, and now they are embarking on the next 120 years. 

The Schmura Matzo Run Bite From NPR

Passover starts on Tuesday, March 30th and ends Tuesday, April 6th. Stores have already started stocking their shelves with some of these new products from The Manischewitz Company. I must say that my personal favorite is the Manischewitz Decadent Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, which is Pareve and delicious. If you’re local supermarket does not have these products in stock, have them contact The Manischewitz Company online, Now, here are some of those new Passover ready products.

Manischewitz Kosher Salt
Manischewitz new Kosher Salt will no doubt become a staple in home kitchens,
delivering consistent flavor and perfect for all culinary needs. With its
coarse texture, it easily adheres to food and is great for encrusting,
brining or using as a rub on brisket, chicken and steak.
Size-16 oz, SRP-$2.49

Manischewitz Clover Honey Squeeze Bear
The perfect addition to the Manischewitz Honey line, the new Clover Honey
Squeeze bear is all-natural and delicious. Size-12 oz, SRP-$4.89

Magic Max Cotton Candy
Soft and Fluffy, Magic Max Pink Cotton Candy is a nice treat to please the
kids. This sweet treat is sure to be a hit among kids of all ages. Size-1
oz, SRP-$1.49

Season Canned Tuna
Back by popular demand, 100% Premium Quality Solid White Albacore Tuna is
available in both water and olive oil. Size-5 oz, SRP-$3.49

New Mishpacha Products for the Holiday
Mishpacha is introducing a new line of macaroons, available in three
flavors: Coconut, Chocolate and Chocolate Chip. Also, for the holiday the
brand is introducing Grab n’ go all-natural apple sauces, lemon juice, and
delicious pineapple products that are sure to make your holiday season a
little bit tastier. Macaroons: Size-10 oz, SRP-$4.99; Apple Sauce: Size-6
pack-4 oz cups, SRP-$4.29; Lemon Juice: Size-32 oz, SRP-$3.89; Pineapple
Juice: Size- 20 oz, SRP-$2.29.


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