A Passover Prep Shmooz With Koshereye.com

Join me today, I have a great show all about Passover. I will be discussing what food items to purchase so your kitchen will be well stocked. We will also be sharing some of our favorite Passover recipes as well as some from Pam Reiss Passover – Kosher Collection cook book author. During the second half of our show, we will be speaking to Michael Altman, founder of Tumbador Chocolate,you can find the online at http://www.tumbadorchocolate.com, located in Brooklyn NY). Tumbador Chocolate is  hand-made, kosher (dairy & parve), kosher for Passover items). Michael will also share with us how Tumbador Chocolate was started,and what they have kosher for Passover. If you would like to call-in to the show and ask us a question, you can call (347) 327-9892 or you can send us a tweet on twitter to @koshereye and/or @primetimeparent.

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