Nutella Is Not A Chocolate Spread But It Is Gluten-Free


When I was invited to attend Nutella’s Tasting Event in New York City at Citibabes, I knew that two very important needs would be met. I would be able to learn more about a kosher (dairy) chocolate product and my son would be able to join me.



This exclusive event was held at Citibabes, an indoor playground in NYC. This place is clean and populated by children smiling, laughing and playing. The babysitters were also very caring and responsible. I was able to leave my son in a safe clean play area while I walked down the hall to participate in a breakfast and presentation about Nutella. Your probably wondering what is there to “present” about a chocolate spread? Hold it right there! Nutella is not a chocolate spread but a hazelnut spread that contains hazelnuts, skim milk, sugar and a hint of cocoa.   This product is gluten-free, contains no artificial colors and no artificial preservatives. It’s no wonder that this product is winning the breakfast battle every morning in homes across America. Yes, there is a breakfast battle in our home and I think I have just found the peace maker.

 We all want to make sure our kids are eating enough, especially those that are able to feed themselves. During the Nutella Tasting Event, we were able to hear some great breakfast ideas from nutrition expert, Connie Liakos Evers, MS, RD. She also is the author of “How to Teach Nutrition to Kids”. She opened up the floor for questions about Nutella and told us how to incorporate Nutella at the breakfast table:

 Nutella is made in a factory that is completely peanut and Gluten-free

Nutella is a hazelnut spread and NOT a chocolate spread.

Nutella on whole grain bread has less sugar than a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Nutella can help those fussy eaters get excited about breakfast

Nutella is great for breakfast accompanied by a protein source, a fat and a fruit/veggie

When you invite a mom blogger to an event, you need to think about “her children” and what they will be doing while at your event. Another huge plus, transportation was provided. Even though we were stuck in traffic on the way to the event (note to driver, please check traffic report) we made it home from Manhattan to Flushing in under 15 minutes.


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