Passover Staycation Success

As I write this blog post (for the second time from scratch since I accidentally clicked on the “move to trash button”), Jews around the globe are sinking their teeth into pizza, hamburgers, and pasta after eight days without these carbs. Forget that, I couldn’t wait to post about my best Passover yet and we didn’t even leave the neighborhood. This Passover was exactly what it was supposed to be about-the kids. The truth is, most families with small children in tow stayed close to home as the economy has enabled us to be more frugal and creative than ever before. Our kids have been out of school since March 29th-and we would have loved to visit our family from out of state. Another option for families was attending a Passover retreat with food, babysitting, and entertainment all rolled into one lump sum of money. This option was not even a blip on our screen this year.   Keeping up with the “Steins” was out of the question so we embraced our situation and made the best of it. We also got by from a lot of help from our friends and a very special Uncle that just happened to be in town. Uncle  Moishy and the Mitzvah Men.

No. Uncle Moishy is not our relative, but he is known as the “favorite uncle” by thousands of chidlren around the world. He is by far the best musical performer for children that I have seen-ever! So, who is this Uncle Moishy?

Uncle Moishy and the “Mitzvah Men” are led by musician and singer Moshe Tanenbaum. He is a Hasidic Orthodox Jew with the warmest smile and kindess I have ever seen. Kids love him, especially mine, and you can see that he feels the same way about them. He uses his musical talent to sing about the “middos” (personality traits) that we would love our children  to exhibit at all times. Songs about cleaning-up toys, sharing toys, and staying healthy are sung before, during, and after his concerts. He has 20 years of music available on DVD and CD . Another thing about Uncle Moishy- the money earned from his concerts goes towards helping Jewish children receive the best education possible. What a mensch!

As I think about what we invested in this Passover, I can feel fantastic about spending time together as a family. If you are still not sold on this, check out some of the below comfort zones that will keep you on the “staycation” track.  It is not so bad to stay at home and focus on being with the kids and having fun with them. The benefits are endless, just to name a few:

Sleeping in your own bed

Raiding the kitchen at every hour and not feel like an idiot

Lounging around in PJs drinking coffee

Eatng what you want, when you want

Most, importantly, more time is spent on the kids and less time spent on pakcing, shlepping, and running out of the house.

While other people may have splurged to experience Passover at a hotel with 24/7 child care, we splurged on our children. They are still smiling and singing songs from the Uncle Moishy concert. Have you seen the affect Uncle Moishy has on kids? Worth every penny and more.  Trust me, your kids will love Uncle Moishy. Not sure where to buy the music, go to


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