I Can’t Wait To Get My Micralite FastFold Superlite Stroller

I I remember the first time I really won something big, well that is for a girl all of 7 years old. I was selected from the audience to particpate in the Bozo Cirucs Grand Prize Game. The game consited of a row of buckets and the player (me) had to throw the ball into the buckets. I made it to bucket number 3, but it wasn’t about winning the grand prize. It was about having a chance to win, plus I received a year’s supply of Bozo Hot Dogs. That made my mom very happy, just throw them in the micorowave and lunch is served. Today, I won something that gave me butterflies. It wasn’t a new car or a trip around the world. I won a Micralite FastFold Superlite stroller!!! G-d must have known how much I’ve been complaining about my current stroller situation. It’s that bad. Let’s just say it is an embarassment. Now I will be able to stroll the streets with pride and fold it up like a mensch (this stroller! Love it!

Weighing in at just 14 pounds, the FastFold Superlit is a compact and ergonomic stroller that is easily maneuvered using only one hand! With a very active 2 year old in tow, I always need to have a hold on him with the other. Hope you get to win something you really need in the near future, it just feels so good!


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait To Get My Micralite FastFold Superlite Stroller

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