A Shmooz With Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler, and Gloria Kamen, “Secrets of a Jewish Mother”


A Shmooz With Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler, and Gloria Kamen, “Secrets of a Jewish Mother”.


When I heard the title of this book I thought about two things. My own Jewish mother,my sister, and matzo ball soup. That is why I am so excited to interview Jill and Lisa (sisters) and Gloria (their Jewish mother) on Blog Talk Radio. Their book, “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” is flying off the shelves, as moms of all backgrounds can relate to the wisdom of a Jewish mother. What is a Jewish mother, or family get together, without a bowl of fluffy matzo ball soup? Join me and Beth Rosen as we find out what Jill, Lisa, and Gloria serve-up for their regular family get togethers, especially during the High Holidays in the fall and at Passover in the springtime. Book Description: The Jewish Mother knows what she wants. And what you should want too. In Secrets of a Jewish Mother, you’ll learn how to make her methods your very own, and as result you’ll give and get of love and happiness in great amounts. In what could be thought of as the Jewish Mother’s Guide to Life, Jill Zarin, the breakout star of Bravo’s hit series, The Real Housewives of New York, teams up with her sister, Lisa Wexler, award-winning host of daily radio program The Lisa Wexler Show, and her mother, the estimable Gloria Kamen who made a splash on Jill’s series last year. Secrets of a Jewish Mother shows readers that being clear about what you want is the best policy, and standing up for yourself and your family is always the right way to go. Using real life examples, stories from Jill, Lisa and Gloria, this mother/daughter trio reveals their secrets to life, love, and happiness.
And, remember, a lot of love and a little matzoh ball soup never hurt anyone. Happy Early Mother’s Day!


One thought on “A Shmooz With Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler, and Gloria Kamen, “Secrets of a Jewish Mother”

  1. It sounds interesting. But I would have preferred a different title. Putting “Secrets” in the title is a gimmick that has become cliche. When I passed by a Judaica store yesterday, I saw a book entitled “Bris Secrets,” or some such equivalent. There is the old “Secret of Jewish Femininity,” the not so old “Shidduch Secrets” (formerly titled “Dating Secrets”). All these titles hope to lure readers in on the basis of promising some confidential information, so there is something somewhat disingenuous about it.

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