My Top 5 Toy Picks For Spring And Summer

 When I was invited (via @morethanmommy  and, thank you) to attend the Time To Play Spring Showcase last month in NYC, it took me like half a second for me to reply, YES! As a mom of 5 and 3 year old girls and a 2 year old son, I know what makes them love or loathe their toys. I can tell you that talented folks at Litzky Public Relations as well as the toy brand exhibitors have been very good at listening to moms on their blogs, websites, and social networking sites like twitter and facebook. That is why I am writing this post, which is  entirely based on my own opinions from observing my kids (5 and under) and their friends play with toys everyday. So, I finally added my 5 top toy picks from the Time To Play event and they are all under $20 bucks:

Mattel Brands
I am a Toy Story fan, but I must admit, I have not yet seen Toy Story 2. I better catch-up because Toy Story 3 is being released this summer! Nevertheless, I found some really great toys that can pack up easy or stay close to home.

Toy Story 3 Big Roarin’ Rex
Big Roarin’ Rex is a 13” tall, plush dinosaur. When you squeeze his body tight and then release it you hear a big “roar” It gets better. The tighter the squeeze, the longer and bigger the roar! This toy is suggested for kids ages 2+.

 Toy Story 3 Chatter Telephone
The classic Fisher Price Chatter Telephone plays a special role in the new Toy Story 3 movie. We see it every week at the Queens Library Toddler Learning Center program the “old school” version, but it is still one of the most coveted toys in the place. Back to the future, the Toy Story 3 Chatter Telephone has fun electronics, so it can “ring” and says “psst” to attract the caller to answer the phone. Kids can use the spinning rotary dial to call their favorite Toy Story 3 character – there are 4 to choose from! Call Woody or Buzz for a chat! As the Talking Chatter Telephone is pushed along it makes squeaking sounds and the eyes move up and down – just like the classic version! This toy is suggested for kids 2+.

My kids love to color and there is never shortage of crayola crayons in our home, on the floor, and in my 2 year olds mouth. Thank you for being non-toxic. However, we are a family on the go and taking long road trips is a priority because most of our family lives in either Florida, Illinois, or Massachusetts. I was very excited to see a couple of “new crayola travel activities” for families on the road as much as we are.

Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk
For those long stretches of highway or even sitting on the living room floor in Bubbie and Poppy’s house, the Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk provides a large, hear-top surface for kids to create on the go. The sturdy desk has a built-in handle and a soft, comfy detachable pillow that can be used as a storage unit for Color Wonder markers and paper or a nap-time companion.

 The Lap Desk is equipped with 12 re-stickable pieces of color wonder paper that stay in place while kids are creating and make it easy for them to display their “work of art”. The desk also includes 5 Color Wonder mess-free mini markers in red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Jakks Pacific
When I saw Jakks Kids Only new line of outdoor furniture that feature kids’ favorite characters, I could see them in my life this summer. I saw a wide variety of fun-filled kid-sized Kiddie Pools, Adironadack Sets, Adirondack Chairs, Patio Sets, and Resin Chairs with my kids’ favorite Disney Princesses on them. This will come in handy this summer as we will have our friends over for “pool dates” in lieu of expensive camp enrollment fees. These Kids Only Kiddie Pools come in two sizes, 36” and 42” (SRP $9.99 and $14.99) and feature colorful inlaid graphics. Kids Only products are available nationwide including Walmart Toys”RUS and Kmart.

Disney Consumer Products
When my 5 year old and 3 year old girls’ saw the Disney Princess  Baby and Toddler Dolls by Tolly Tots, they screamed out “I want that, go back, go back”. Imagine Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White as babies and you will want one of these dolls as well. Girls will love these Disney Princess Baby and Toddler dolls, and they even have the newest Disney Princess, Tiana, available. The line also includes a variety of accessories ranging from strollers and high chairs to bassinets and swings.

Disney Pook-A-Looz
These dolls are even cuter in person and they feel so soft. Disney Pook-A-Looz were designed to capture the personalities of iconic Dsiney characters in an edgy, offbeat way. Sassy and fun, the new line of plush features more than 30 wide-ranging characters, My favorites were Snow White, Buzz Lightyear and Minnie Mouse. You can find these cuties at Toys “R” Us, Disney Store, and

Whether you are going away or staying close to home this summer, enjoy every minute of it because before you know it, they’ll be driving you around, or driving you crazy, not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Very informative post. Great step-by-step information for a new and clueless blogger like myself 🙂

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