My Mother’s Day With R Baby Foundation In Central Park, New York

30,000 babies born in the U.S. last year will not make it to this Mother’s Day.

When I first learned about this fact, my eyes swelled up and my heart ached for the mothers’ that had endured such unfortunate circumstances. It is these types of life experiences that bring life to non-profit organizations like R Baby Foundation.

This type of life altering experience was real to Phyllis Rabinowitz. When you meet Phyllis, a gorgeous slender brunette with a resume only the finest companies would consider, you would never imagine that she had lost her own baby at just nine days old. I had the privilege of meeting Phyllis and listened as she gave over her own personal story of loss as if it had just happened. Her and her husband took their unfortunate situation and gave life to a cause that should have been identified years ago. A short but very impressionalbe video about her situation is now available, you will need tissues, trust me. 

Whether your baby is whisked away to the NICU (Neonatol Intensive Care Unit) or you bring your newborn/infant in for fear of an illness or virus, all mothers and their babies depend upon the nearest medical institutions.

 After 13 hours of being hooked up to IV’s, and heart rate monitors, I finally managed to push out my son into the arms of the nurses and staff waiting patiently on the other side. I hadn’t even caught a glimpse of my newborn baby boy when they took him away for some necessary intervention. My husband and I had no idea what was wrong. We waited in silence for somebody to tell us exactly what happened. We feared the worst and prayed for the good. After two hours of waiting for some word on our newborn son, my husband  walked over to the NICU, the scariest steps he had ever taken, in search of news about our newborn son. Thank G-d, he was able to see him beneath the breathing tubes and IVs coming out from his newborn frame. Thank G-d the NICU had the resources and medical technology to help his labored breathing get up to speed with the demands of life outside of the womb.

Even in the constant care of the nurses and rounds of Pediatric specialists, our hearts were heavy with concern and our physical stamina was shot. We visited the NICU every chance we had and took notice of the other newborns in the same room. We thought about them and prayed that they would soon be in the arms of their mothers and fathers.

 Thank G- d, we were able to take our son home with us when I was dispatched from the my two day stay at the hospital. We are forever thankful for the NICU at North Shore University Hospital and the incredible nurses, interns, and physicians that helped us during that time. As I write this post, I know of mothat least one mother that wil spend her Mother’s Day with her premature baby in  the NICU.   I can’t emphasize enough how much it means to me that R Baby Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that babies, including those in the first month of life suffering from viral infections and other infectious diseases, receive the highest quality of care and service through supporting life-saving pediatric training, education, research, treatment and equipment.

I will be walking with R Baby Fondation this Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, 2010 (8AM to 11:30AM) in NYC’s Central Park. Even thought registration is now closed, you can still participate as a “Virtual Walker”, make a donation or search for someone who has already registered.

Last year, over 9,000 people participated and helped raise over $750,000 for pediatric emergency care. Help R Baby Foundation increase these numbers for 2010! Click here to view the 2009 website.

Start your Mother’s Day by taking a step towards improving emergency medical care for babies everywhere.

Join R Baby Foundation in the park for:

  • Family Activities
  • Live Entertainment
  • Sports Clinics
  • Arts and Crafts by apple seeds
  • Snacks
  • Giveaways, prizes and much more!

One thought on “My Mother’s Day With R Baby Foundation In Central Park, New York

  1. Babyboy also spent a week in the NICU and it was beyond scary especially for 1st time parents. Thank goodness for the hospital professionals! Great cause!

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