A Steamy Night In NYC And A Visit To The Cool Showroom Of Oneida

Oneida Showroom NYCOneida is a tableware company in business for over a 100 years! (That’s right! Over a 100 years.)  A company would really have to be continually on top of their game to weather fluctuating business climates caused by competition, economic downturns and style trends to accomplish simultaneous longevity and excellence.
I had the pleasure of meeting CFO Andrew Church who was so down to earth while he was informing me that Oneida tableware is ranked #1 in the industry. After learning this I realized this company was worth looking into. Obviously they had a business model and high level practices that has not only sustained it’s presence but placed them in top position in their industry.

(Because I was so impressed by the functioning of this company I took the time to read about Oneida’s origins)

Angela Giannopolous, a stylist who has many famous clients (such as New York born and raised Jerry Seinfeld) was the genius behind 4 unique table designs at the event. She explained how a little creativity works wonders on the table. She exemplified how we could dress up or dress over-the-top our Oneida table settings.

Since I’m expecting my first child this year (update: AM has since give birth to a beautiful baby boy), Oneida’s new line of baby flatware grabbed me. They have 4 styles. I really loved which have a bear on each utensil. Marketing expert Amy Gebhardt showed me the 6 Cubby Bear piece gift sets. Since babies use mostly spoons, Oneida is responding by offering 4 piece spoon sets.oneida bab gift set

Corria Wollet and Ying Lee, from Marina Maher Communications, who were just 2 of the team responsible for this event, spent time with me going over the product lines with price sheet. I was so happy to see how affordable some of the lines are and that Oneida is sensitive to the needs of potential customers like me. And maybe you. For example, Chef’s Table: a 16 piece set with settings for 4 is $85.

I happen to have a few Oneida pieces that grandmother lovingly passed down. Now I know I can and want to add to these household treasures and entertaining gems.

This post was contributed by Audrey M. Audrey did not receive any payment for this post and this opinions of the above products are hers and writting in her own words.


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