Catching Up With Primetime Parenting

Sizzle and SplashHeat. Sizzle. This is how I feel about this summer so far. I still wouldn’t trade it in for ice, cold, freezing weather, so I’ll stop complaining.

Since our road trip, we haven’t slowed down at all. We were unloading our minivan full of wrappers, crumbs, and juice boxes one minute and the next loading up the kids to take them out and about. We chose to do something different this summer. Instead of sending our kids to a full-blown camp, we organized a summer playgroup with other moms and two incredible counselors in our neighborhood. We are simply here to support each other. We are all busy working while raising our families and trying our best to stay within our spending limits. I am so thankful for this network of moms in the community. Check out our fire safety event that we organized with our local fire department.

In between hosting the summer playgroup in my home two weeks in a row, I have been busy working on a social media networking event with Please check out our event page on facebook. We’ve got great SWAG and we’d love to see you join us on August 8, 2010. This event is the morning after BlogHer 2010, and an opportunity for Orthodox mom and dad bloggers to engage and network with other mom and dad bloggers. It is not possible for an Orthodox Jewish mom or dad blogger to attend the majority of BlogHer as it runs into Shabbos and continues until even after Shabbos is over. Even after Shabbos ends, it is too late to attend any of the events on Saturday night. It is my goal for those of us in the Orthodox community to engage and interact with some of our favorite brands! I must say that working on this event has really been a learning experience for me and I owe a big shout out to Audrey M. for her ability to keep me on track and focused on what is important. I also want to give a huge shout out to Jodi and Allan of for their support in this event!

Save On Summer Travel At Club Getaway

There are some great giveaways going on right now! In fact, I was just informed by my friend Robin from motherhood later than sooner about a great vacation opportunity for families. Have you heard of Club Getaway? If not, I’ve got a great discount travel opportunity to share with you.

Join Prime Time Parenting in the scenic Berkshire Mountains in Kent, Connecticut for a fun, memorable family trip!

Lots of activities and special events for parents and kids to enjoy together. Play in parent/kid challenges, join in Family Game Shows, and have fun in the Wacky Family Olympics. There’s dancing, shows, campfires, ice-cream sundae parties and more in the evening.

Comfortable country cabins overlook the lake and mountains. All are air conditioned, heated, with a private bath and twin beds. Club Getaway makes your beds and cleans your room daily.

Phone 1-877-7-GO-PLAY to book a stay. Use the code Primetimeparenting to get a $200 discount for your family. You pay Club Getaway. Prices are reasonable, and all inclusive.

Check out for rate details and further information. Call them directly if you have questions or need directions.

Adults will love all the sports/fitness activities (tennis, waterskiing, hiking, yoga, etc.), adventures and entertainment. Kids, age 5 and up, will discover an extra-special club all their own – The Club Getaway Kids Club and Teen Club. Your kids can spend all day in their fully supervised clubs, or join you for hiking, biking, swimming and lounging by the beautiful lake.

Note: These family vacations are not exclusive to Prime Time Parenting. Feel free to tell friends, and pass on to them the Prime Time Parenting discount code.

There are five different vacation dates as follows. You may also combine vacations such as the first midweek and the weekend.

Aug 24 -28 (Mon – Fri)
August 28-30 (Fri-Sun)
August 31- -Sept 4 (Mon-Fri)
Aug 31-Sept 2 (Mon-Wed)
Sept 2-4 (Wed-Fri)

Note: Children under 4 are free, and there are minimal activities available for kids under 4, and those activities must be attended with a parent. When you make reservations, you can talk to the office about things like cribs or high chairs or babysitters – all of which may be available – possibly at an extra charge.

Here are some more updates from the past couple of weeks. Audrey attended the SootheTime event at NYC’s City Treehouse and Primetimepappy sampled his way around the kosher, pareve, gluten-free, and organic kosher food at NASFT (The Fancy Food Show). See what the chef of our household had to say about these items and more.

(contributed by Audrey M.)I recently attended an event and learned all about SootheTime with an audience of mom bloggers at NYC’s City Treehouse thanks to organizers Melissa Chapman & Vera Sweeny

SootheTime’s zzzTIME line is brilliant. The 3 products from zzzTIME line that were shown were Snooze Wrap Plus, Snooze Sack and Snooze Sheet.
Each item, in it’s 100% yummy cotton, melds safety features with dummy-proofing. For the safety features, Soothetime consults with professionals in the area of SIDS, hip dysplasia, flat head syndrome, colic and more in order to address a mom’s serious concerns.
As far as the dummy-proofing component, Soothetime uses velcro in strategic places making it almost impossible to wrap, attach and swaddle incorrectly. This will certainly take the pressure off of 1st time moms and swaddlers’.

The Snooze Wrap has a wonderful design with a head built-in. Olivia from Soothetime, demonstrated how handing off your SoothTime swaddled baby is more secure because of the foam head support. Also at the head in a raised area designed to diminish flat head syndrome. It comes out of the cotton covering easily so you can wash it as often as you need. It has left and right wraps that velcro around a baby’s belly for comfort and colic symptoms relief. This extra wrap around the belly is also said to increase their sense of security.
2 other ways the velcro on this versatile item transforms is that you can adjust the swaddling pieces to let baby’s arms be free, release the bottom so that legs can kick around, or adjust the bottom pocket for your baby’s growth.

Something well thought out is the Snooze Sheet. An elastic strap wraps around the mattress for security of sheet staying put. Then two velcro tabs from the Snooze Wrap Plus attach to a special spot on the Snooze Sheet to keep your baby in the recommended back sleeping position.

Last but not least, Esther Koo from Southard Communications told us about the great price point. $20 each for the Snooze Wrap Plus and Snooze Sack. $16 Snooze Sheet. Great thing to register for. I definitely could use 1 or …10 of them.

(contributed by primetimepappy)

“What does parenting have to do with food?” asked a vendor upon seeing my Primetime Parenting Press Pass.  “Some people like to feed their kids” I replied only slightly masking my annoyance.  

At the Fancy Food Show in New York, there were so many incredible family friendly fancy food options. Many were kosher. In our home, if it isn’t Kosher, it isn’t eaten. Thousands of delicious, healthy foods are now certified Kosher. The Fancy Food Show had an amazing assortment or kosher fare.

The most popular Kosher certification agency is named Orthodox Union, OU for short. They had a booth. Here’s a good definition of irony: The OU’s booth was situated next to a company giving out bacon samples.

 Let’s talk about some of the great kosher food. Having just completed a drive with the family from New York to Chicago, I can vouch for Snikiddy. It is the perfect road trip food. – Kosher, addictively great tasting, healthy, and neat. Confession: Even with the kids asleep, I reached the bottom of the bag too quickly.

Natalie’s Juices would be perfect for washing them down. The new blackberry juice tastes fantastic. When drinking this juice, visions of pool-side hammocks quickly come to mind.

Kefir is a great addition to or focal point of a great dairy meal. I tried the goat’s milk product. It was smooth, great tasting, and satisfying. If you like goat’s milk, you’ll love that product. The cow’s milk products are great also.

 Falafel Chips is a product I hadn’t seen before. It’s a great snack. It would be great either plain or with tahini (Sesame sauce). These chips have those incredible spices only found in falafel, a staple in the Middle East. If you aren’t familiar with falafel, I pity you. In either case, try these chips.

 I love to cook. Olive Oil is copiously added to many of my dishes. I tasted Luciana’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It had a distinctly clean, smooth, almost peppery taste. For dishes where olive oil’s taste is prominent, you want to use high-quality oil like this. Also, the olives are grown without herbicides or pesticides.  

For breakfast, my kids would love the Beit Yitzhak’s fruit spread. In our house, all bread is home made. These delicious spreads would taste particularly great on the whole wheat or rye. The Rigoni Di Asiago spreads are also delicious and great for breakfast. They’re sweet but not too sweet and are made without preservatives.  

Hint, Inc. deserves a special thank you. While walking to the show in the blazing sun, Hint was giving away ice cold bottles of flavored water. I really enjoyed the blackberry flavored water.

 The Fancy Food Show was an amazing experience. I felt like the proverbial little kid in the candy shop. I’ll post some more about the show shortly.



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