7 Tips To Surviving The Bling Around BlogHer

There are a lot of conversations going on these about BlogHer 2010. If you have never heard of BlogHer before, you can find  out all about it at BlogHer.com.

Besides being a conference for women bloggers that are “engaged, influential and info-savvywomen ….women come to BlogHer to seek and share advice, opinions and recommendations. BlogHer’s team works hard to bring you the best and brightest conversations, writers and speakers – online and in person. That’s what we do best” (via Blogher.com). Even with all of this great content and advice, BlogHer participants are becoming more interested in the “bling” rather than the “blog”.

Tweets and facebook updates are all a buzz about everything from what to wear to what private parties are happening. In our every day lives we encounter situations that have the same focus, especially as our kids grow older and become more independent (I was all about clothing and parties at one time). Yet, we aren’t kids anymore and we should be acting more like adults, moms, wives, and role models. I love getting dressed up when I can (being a mom of 3 kids does not allow for that so much) and getting invited to parties (I knew where all the best parties were in college), but I now want to be present for what happens in between the dressing up and the parties. In order to help stay focused on exactly why you are at BlogHer this year, I hope these tips will make your experience more about “you” than “her”:

It is all about you and what you blog about. Get excited about what parties you are invited to this year. Don’t look at what everybody else is doing or where they are going. We are not in High School anymore (but at times events like this can sure make us feel that way all over again).

Talk to the brands that touch “your “niche. Reach out and give them your business cards.

Make a list of some of the bloggers that “you” really want to meet and that “you” follow on twitter.

Be a great listener!

Don’t say negative things about anybody else, even if they just dissed you!

Try not to save seats at an entire table just for the bloggers that you know. Branch out and leave some empty seats, you will really make a first time BlogHer feel so happy!

Just have fun! Smile and if you need a “time out”, it is okay to do that, these events are very busy, loud and can be overstimulating. After a few minutes away from the scene, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to enjoy “your” time.

Come find me, Esti @primetimeparent. I will listen to you and move my stuff so you can sit down and tell me about you!


3 thoughts on “7 Tips To Surviving The Bling Around BlogHer

  1. You have given some wonderful advice. I’m with you – I don’t feel bad about the parties I haven’t been invited to, I’m grateful just to be going! I can’t wait to meet all the fab bloggers I follow everyday.

  2. I may actually be going to BlogHer after a last minute change of plans. I’m still waiting for all the pieces to fit together but I’m excited. It does kind of feel like high school lunch all over again – I may hunt down your table and take the spare chair.

  3. Esti,

    thank you for this post! I still have to write my BlogHer post, can’t find the time! Ugh!

    Hope to see you there.

    Dagmar’s momsense

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